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Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Baby Evan rushed to hospital as Kim hides guilty Billy’s drunk secret

Kim covers for BIlly

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In Emmerdale spoilers tonight, Dawn rushes Evan to hospital after developing a worrying cough.

Baby Evan’s health has been flagging since doctors diagnosed him with leukemia – and Dawn and Evan have struggled to cope, with Dawn feeling that she can no longer trust him with Evan’s care.

But with Billy missing in action after a night on the town, Kim attempts to cover for his absence. Will Evan be alright?

Elsewhere, Manpreet checks in on Charles. She tells him that she has missed him… but will the pair be able to reconcile their differences?

Meanwhile, Gail sets a plan into motion to salvage Mandy and Rhona’s relationship. Will she succeed?

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Kim speaks to Billy in Emmerdale
Kim covers for drunken Billy (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Dawn rushes sick Evan to hospital

With Billy drunk after hitting the beers with Nate, Kim covers for his absence. Meanwhile, Dawn worries about Evan’s cough and rushes him to hospital.

Billy feels guilty about not being there for Dawn and Evan, but Kim steps in and takes the blame.

Will Evan be alright – and can Billy pull himself together enough to be there for his family?

Manpreet talks to Charles on Emmerdale
Is it too late for Charles and Manpreet? (Credit: ITV)

Manpreet checks on Charles

Manpreet tries to check in on Charles. Things are awkward between the pair at first, but Manpreet tells Charles that she has missed him.

The pair begin to warn to each other as Manpreet  tells Charles that she misses him (Credit: ITV)

Can Charles and Manpreet reconcile, or are things too far gone between them?

Gail and Chas talk on Emmerdale
Gail plots to help Mandy and Rhona make it up to one another (Credit: ITV)

Gail makes a plan

With Rhona and Mandy still feuding, Gail comes up with a plan to help the pair settle their differences.

Will Gail’s plan work?

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