Emmerdale's Kim, and in a bubble is Billy

Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Kim takes the blame for Billy’s irresponsible actions

Will Kim's plan backfire?

In Emmerdale spoilers tonight (Tuesday, July 9), Kim covers for Billy and takes the blame for his actions in a bid to stop Dawn becoming angry with him.

Tensions are beginning to rise at Home Farm, as Dawn does everything she can to keep baby Evan safe. Things then go from bad to worse when Billy heads on a night out with Nate.

Why is Kim covering for Billy and what has he done wrong in Emmerdale spoilers?

Kim speaks to Billy in Emmerdale
Kim takes the wrap for Billy (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Kim covers for Billy

Dawn was left upset after Evan spat up his medication while under Billy’s care, leaving her worried whether he is capable of looking after their poorly son.

Having been left feeling helpless, Billy decides to accept an invitation from Nate to head out for a few beers in tonight’s episode of Emmerdale. However, he has a few too many and Nate has to help him get home.

Back at Home Farm, Kim decides to help a drunken Billy because she knows that Dawn will be angry with him. Kim helps to cover up Billy’s whereabouts and also the state he is in.

Will Dawn find out about Kim covering for Billy and how will she react to her husband’s actions?

Robbo menaces Matty on Emmerdale
Robbo corners Matty in his cell (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Is Matty’s life in danger?

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode of Emmerdale, Matty is left fearing for his life when Robbo corners him in his cell.

The thug found out the truth about Matty being transgender, after Amy unknowingly revealed all about her husband to Robbo after mistaking him for Matty’s cellmate Les.

It looks like things are about to get worse for Matty. What is Robbo planning to do and will he escape unscathed?

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