Matty looks worried on Emmerdale; inset, Samson looking pained (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Horror at The Hide Matty stabs Samson

What has Matty done?

Our Emmerdale spoilers tonight reveal that, as a fight breaks out at The Hide, Matty Barton stabs Samson Dingle.

What has Matty done? And will Samson survive his injuries?

Elsewhere, Paddy is shocked when Marlon reveals he’s still set on divorcing Rhona. Meanwhile, Mary urges Rhona to fight for her relationship.

Can Marlon and Rhona save their marriage?

Read our Emmerdale spoilers tonight in full below.

Amy smiles at Josh and Samson in The Hide in Emmerdale
Josh continues pestering Amy (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Matty stabs Samson

After feeling rejected by Sarah, Josh hits on Amy again. In doing so, he makes it uncomfortably clear that he knows Matty is trans.

Struggling to cope with his endless flirting, Amy leaves work early. Matty snaps at Josh, telling him and Samson that they need to leave.

Matty and Amy in Emmerdale look unimpressed with Josh and Samson
Matty intervenes, making an enemy of Josh (Credit: ITV)

Outside, Josh starts dead-naming Matty and decides to go back in to teach him a lesson. Samson follows, in spite of his misgivings.

The situation between Josh and Matty continues to grow increasingly tense. Eventually, Josh threatens him to give up the money in the till.

Matty in Emmerdale looks unimpressed with Josh and Samson
Matty faces off against an increasingly aggressive Josh (Credit: ITV)

Their stand off escalates, and Josh shoves Samson into Matty. Amid the chaos, Matty inadvertently stabs Samson with the knife that he had been holding.

As Samson begins bleeding out, Josh accuses Matty of coming at him with the knife.

Josh pushes Samson into Matty and Samson is stabbed in Emmerdale spoilers
Matty accidentally stabs Samson (Credit: ITV)

Matty begins to panic, terrified for what the consequences might be.

What has Matty done?

Marlon and Paddy row while camping in Emmerdale
Paddy tries to make Marlon come to his senses (Credit: ITV)

Paddy and Mary try to save a marriage

On their camping trip together, Paddy is horrified when Marlon reveals he’s set on divorcing Rhona. Paddy urges Marlon to fight for his marriage with the same tenacity he recovered from his stroke.

Marlon and Paddy row while camping in Emmerdale
Can Paddy get through to Marlon? (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Mary tries to convince Rhona to fight for her marriage.

Can Paddy and Mary make the warring couple see sense?

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