Emmerdale's Samson and Matty

Emmerdale: Sam Hall teases cause for Samson change of heart regarding Matty stabbing truth

Samson finally tells the truth

Emmerdale star Sam Hall has opened up about Samson’s change of heart regarding the truth about Matty’s stabbing, as it’s been revealed he’s due to come clean about what really happened.

Matty was arrested after he accidentally stabbed Samson, who has avoided telling the police what really happened in order to keep pal Josh happy. However, it seems Samson will soon change his mind and tell the truth.

What causes Samson to have a change of heart and how will Josh react to the news in Emmerdale?

Josh pushes Samson into Matty and Samson is stabbed in Emmerdale spoilers
Matty accidentally stabbed Samson (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Matty accidentally stabs Samson

Josh has been causing trouble since he arrived in the village, but things escalated when he began taunting Matty.

At The Hide, Josh made inappropriate comments to Matty’s wife Amy, making her so uncomfortable she left. Matty then had to close up by himself and was left alone with Josh and Samson.

Samson initially told Josh to stop, but then turned on Matty and told his pal that Matty is transgender. Josh then began making transphobic remarks to Matty.

He then tried to steal cash from the till, with Samson joining in and demanding Matty hand over the cash. Matty remained calm and told the pair to go away.

He began clearing up and picked up a tray and a knife. Josh then pushed Samson into Matty and he fell onto the knife Matty was holding.

Matty was later arrested for the stabbing, with Samson keeping quiet about what really happened.

Samson fesses up (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Samson confesses the truth

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal that Samson tells the police the truth about what really happened during the stabbing as Lydia encourages him to do the right thing.

As Matty faces more transphobic abuse in prison, back in the village, Sam and Lydia tear strips into each other.

Sam then turns his anger towards Cain and ends up fighting with him in the pub. But, what does Samson’s future look like now that he’s been honest about the stabbing?

Lydia watches as Josh and Samson talk on Emmerdale
Samson eventually does the right thing (Credit: ITV)

Sam Hall teases the reason Samson tells the truth

Samson eventually does the right thing after allowing for Matty to get punished for something he didn’t purposely do.

With Samson having a change of heart, actor Sam Hall has shared the reason behind the character’s U-turn.

Speaking to Entertainment Daily! and other media, Sam shared: “As we’ve seen previously in storylines, he sometimes says the wrong things and gets persuaded fairly easily by people through either fear or fear of the unknown.

“In the end, he always comes out to do the right thing because, from a parent’s point of view, Sam has always taught Samson to do the right thing. And, Lydia has always backed up Sam’s views on coming clean and doing the right thing. So, however wrong Samson does, I feel like he always comes out in the end to do the right thing and reverse what wrong he’s done.”

And, on this occasion, Sam has revealed the true reason why Samson has chosen this moment to fess up. He explained: “I think it’s his own conscience, I really do.

“I do think his morals are very deep down, correct. I think, in the end, it’s himself that thinks ‘look, Matty’s family, this isn’t the right thing to do. We need to do what’s right here.’ I do think it’s him.”

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