Max Turner in Coronation Street

Max Turner’s journey in Coronation Street: From foster care to family drama

Max is at the centre of a huge storyline

Max Turner in Coronation Street is the teenage son of  Kylie Platt and Callum Logan.

He was adopted by stepdad David Platt and since the death of his parents in separate incidents, he lives with David and his half sister Lily, and stepmum Shona.

Max is also the half brother of Harry Platt – Sarah Platt’s son. They share the same dad.

Harry has played Max since he was small (Credit: ITV)

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Who plays Max Turner in Coronation Street?

When Max first arrived in Coronation Street in 2010, he was played by Harry McDermott.

Harry was only five when he won the role in Corrie. He’s grown up on screen, tackling some hard-hitting stories including Max’s diagnosis with ADHD and the death of his mum.

However in 2020, Harry left the role.

The role of Max was recast last year with actor Paddy Bever taking on the role as Max takes on more mature storylines.

“We have all watched Harry grow up alongside Max Turner for the past 11 years and we want to thank him for everything he has brought to the character,” said a Corrie spokesperson.

“It is always a difficult decision to recast a role and we look forward to following Harry’s career as he continues with his acting studies and explores other opportunities.

“We wish him every success for the future.”

Paddy Bever now plays Max (Credit: ITV)

Max’s arrival in Coronation Street

Max grew up in foster care because his young mum Kylie Turner wasn’t able to look after him and his dad Callum was in prison.

But when Kylie’s sister Becky McDonald helped her turn her life around, she began to fight to get Max back.

But things went wrong when Kylie sold Max to Becky and her husband Steve McDonald and scarpered.

Max and Lily had a stable home with Kylie and David (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Kylie’s return

After some time behind bars and a trip abroad, Kylie came home to Weatherfield engaged to David Platt, who she’d met on holiday.

There were some ups and downs, but eventually the newly weds got custody of Max, who David adores, and Kylie gave birth to Lily.

Max’s ADHD

After a disastrous holiday in Barbados thanks to Max’s erratic behaviour, the lad was diagnosed with ADHD and given medication.

But Kylie’s decision to get in touch with his dad, Callum, sent her spiralling back to drugs and Callum trying to get custody.

Though Max was keen to get to know his dad at first, he quickly became scared of him.

And that drama eventually ended with Kylie killing Callum who was attacking his girlfriend Sarah Platt.

Callum Logan Corrie Credit: YouTube/ITV
Callum Logan was Max’s biological dad (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

What happened to Max’s mum Kylie?

David and Kylie’s  happy family life was destroyed when Kylie was murdered by Clayton Hibbs.

It took a while for David to get his family back on an even keel but he eventually settled down with second wife Shona and they look after the kids together.

How old is Max now?

Max was born on September 5th 2006 meaning he is now 15.

In real-life actor Paddy is 19.

What is Max’s next storyline?

This week sees Max at the centre of a huge storyline.

Recently Max believes he has been talking to classmate, Sonya.

In this week’s episodes he prepares for his date with Sonya. But soon she sends him a message asking for a picture of the whole package so she can see what to expect.

Max sends her the picture but over dinner Sonya is confused, revealing she never sent him a message and she didn’t receive any.

Max and Sonya are horrified to realise they’ve been set up.

Later Max’s phone pings with a message demanding £1k or his naked picture goes viral.

After telling David the situation, David decides to tell Max that they won’t be paying the blackmailer and he’s to go to school.

At the bus stop Chris and Blake take the mickey out of Max, quoting his messages to Sonia.

What will Max do?

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