22 Kids And Counting star Sue and Noel with their new dream house

22 Kids and Counting family forced to move into ‘near-£1m’ new home after ‘people turn up’: ‘That’s a line you don’t cross’

'That’s a line you don’t cross'

The 22 Kids and Counting family have been forced to move house after fans of the clan went “too far” and turned up to their home.

The Radfords were back on TV screens on Sunday (January 14) for another episode of their reality series. Since shooting to stardom back in 2012, Sue and her clan have amassed a loyal legion of followers.

But it seems fame is starting to have its cons for the famous family – so much so that they have had to move out of their family home.

22 Kids And Counting star Sue and Noel
Sue has bene forced to move house (Credit: Channel 5)

22 Kids and Counting family forced to move

In the latest instalment, Sue revealed they were moving out of their iconic home and trying to find their dream property. And their reason for moving was down to their lack of privacy.

Parents Sue and Noel explained that strangers often turn up at their family’s home – with Sue going to reveal a “line has been crossed”. Looking outside of a window, Sue said in the episode: “She’s taking pictures of my car and she’s taking pictures of my motorhome.”

22 Kids and Counting family's garden
Fans were visiting their home (Credit: Channel 5)

‘It’s just not ok’ says 22 Kids and Counting mum Sue

She went on: “People turning up at the house has definitely become a regular occurrence. They’ll start taking pictures. Then the front gate will open and they’ll start walking up the footpath.”

Noel then added: “And that is where we draw the line.”

22 Kids and Counting mum quipped: “I’m more than happy to meet people out and about. But I think when it’s your house, it’s just not ok. There’s definitely a line we draw with privacy, I think we have to. When they open the gate and knock on the door, that’s a line you don’t cross.”

22 Kids And Counting star Noel
Noel said fans have crossed the line (Credit: Channel 5)

22 Kids and Counting star find dream home

Because of this, the family has been forced to make a major life-changing decision. Noel revealed: “I think this has gone too far. We don’t think we can live here anymore, so we’ve decided to make another attempt to move house.”

The couple then started to find their new crib and eventually came across their dream home. Looking at the stunning seven-bedroom house from the outside – reportedly worth £850,000 – Sue proclaimed: “I want that house Noel.”

And the pair had already made their minds up shortly after walking in. Noel gushed: “Everything about it is exactly what we’ve been looking for. It ticked every box.”

Sue agreed: “I can really see us living here. It is everything that we want. I really like it.”

22 Kids and Counting family's new house
The family bought their dream home (Credit: Channel 5)

Sue and Noel break news to family

The following day, Noel put an offer in for the house. But 30 minutes later, he was told by the estate agent that their offer had been rejected. They eventually met in the middle and the offer was accepted.

However, with more children than bedrooms, this meant Sue and Noel had to potentially evict some of their kids. The children potentially getting the boot were their eldest, Jack, 26, Daniel, 24, Luke, 23, Katie, 21, and James, 20.

Sue explained: “We’ve brought so many children home to this house. It’s where we’ve brought our family up for the last 19 years. It holds a lot of lovely memories. We’ve been here for so long. It’s a part of us.

“We’ve had all of the family together and now we’re buying this house and it’s not big enough for everybody. One child leaving home is emotional enough, but having five children leave home is something that I’ve never had to deal with before.”

She added: “It’s such a big thing to do. We are splitting up the family. Are we doing the right thing?”

22 Kids And Counting star Sue
Sue was stressed knowing she had to kick some of her kids out (Credit: Channel 5)

‘There’s too many of you’

At the end of the episode, after a lot of deliberation, Sue and Noel gathered the kids to reveal their decision.

Sue told the kids: “This journey started off with me and dad falling in love with this house, but we can’t fit everyone in. There’s too many of you.”

Noel then added: “We looked at each of you and thought, ‘can they look after themselves?’. ‘No’ was the answer, some of you probably can’t, but do you know what, you’re going to have to start. So you five, you won’t be coming with us.”

22 Kids And Counting children
The eldest kids are stopping in the family home (Credit: Channel 5)

Sue reveals future of family home

Although tensions were high, Sue explained more about their decision. She said: “The thought of you going your separate ways was just too much for me to bear. I’ve realised that as much as I really want the house, I want my family more. We want you guys to stay here and rent it from us. Then you’ve still got somewhere to live.”

This meant that Sue and Noel, as well as their youngest children, were moving to their dream home. As for their eldest, those kids are stopping in the family home to live independently.

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