Alison Hammond on This Morning today

Alison Hammond suffers ‘bad’ wardrobe mishap on This Morning as she issues ‘apology’

Oh, Alison!

Alison Hammond on This Morning today (Wednesday, October 19) suffered a “bad” wardrobe mishap during the show, leaving the star embarrassed.

She even issued an apology to the viewers at home over it!

Dermot O'Leary drinking beer next to Alison Hammond on This Morning today
Dermot and Alison enjoyed a pint as they watched a musical performance (Credit: ITV)

Alison Hammond makes wardrobe blunder on This Morning today

Today’s edition of This Morning was the third show this week that Alison and Dermot O’Leary have hosted.

And yet again, Alison’s appearance made headlines, but not for the reasons she would have liked.

During the show, Alison and Dermot were joined by the cast of the West End show, Choir of Man.

Dermot and Alison enjoyed a beer during the performance, but things took a messy turn not soon after as Alison accidentally spilled some beer on her top.

“Cheers! Oh my days, that was so good!” Alison cried at the end of the performance.

“I have got beer absolutely everywhere! That was so good.”

“Alison! It’s like we have a lock-in going on! Where do we go from here? Wonderful!” Dermot said.

Dermot O'Leary looking Alison Hammond up and down on This Morning today
Alison spilled a bit of beer on herself during the show today (Credit: ITV)

Alison Hammond spills beer on This Morning today

After the break, a number of wet patches could still be seen on Alison’s outfit.

It didn’t take long for Alison’s co-host, Dermot, to poke fun at her misfortune either.

“You are covered in beer!” Dermot teased.

“I know I am so sorry, this is beer stains, apologies everybody I just had so much fun!” Alison said.

Things then went from bad to worse for the 47-year-old as the cameraman zoomed in one of her wet patches.

“No don’t go close up!” she yelled. “Oh gosh, that is bad, isn’t it? That is really bad, no one will notice.”

“Oh no, especially after the close-up,” Dermot said sarcastically.

Alison Hammond on This Morning
Alison’s appearance was praised yesterday (Credit: ITV)

Alison’s appearance praised by Dermot

Whilst he may have been poking fun at Alison’s appearance on today’s show, Dermot was nothing but complimentary about her yesterday (Tuesday, October 18).

At the beginning of yesterday’s show, the 49-year-old turned to his co-star and branded her appearance “sensational”.

“You look sensational today,” he said to her.

Alison then said that people in the studio had been comparing her look to Michelle Obama.

“We do think you would be a very good leader of the country!” Dermot told her.

“I hope I live up to how I look,” she quipped.

Dermot wasn’t the only one gushing over Alison’s appearance yesterday. Viewers were too.

“Alison Hammond looks great,” one viewer tweeted. “Alison you look absolutely stunning,” another said.

Additionally, a third then gushed: “Alison Hammond is on fireeeee”.

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This Morning airs on weekdays from 10am on ITV and ITV Hub.

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