Charlene White on Loose Women

Charlene White ‘warned’ on Loose Women over ‘turning up late’: ‘It was out of my control’


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Charlene White was issued a warning for turning up late on Loose Women.

The presenter joined Brenda Edwards and Coleen Nolan on the panel in June, where EastEnders’ Natalie Cassidy was also making an appearance as a guest panellist.

It was during a debate about punctuality that Charlene found herself exposed by her colleagues.

Charlene White on Loose Women

Guest Natalie was first to chip in, admitting to being an early-bird.

Charlene backed this up, saying: “Natalie, apparently, was early for our morning meeting today. I say ‘apparently’ because I was late! But you’re always on time for everything, right?”

“On time for me is early,” she added, prompting laughter from both the studio audience and her fellow Loose Women.

Charlene, Coleen, Brenda and Natalie on Loose Women
Charlene White was apparently late to Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

However it seemed it wasn’t entirely a laughing matter for Coleen, who voiced her opinion that: “If you’re late for work, for me, that’s really unprofessional.”

That’s really unprofessional

Jumping to her own defence, Charlene claimed: “It was out of my control, just saying!” as Coleen continued to scold her: “Well I’m going to take a note. That’s your first warning, live on-air.”

Charlene White hosting Loose Women
Charlene was jokingly issued a ‘warning’ on air (Credit: ITV)

“Three strikes and I’m out?” joked an embarrassed Charlene.

Elsewhere on the show, the panel discussed photo filters, and whether they should be banned for children under 18.

Natalie also shared her memories of the late Dame Barbara Windsor, and shared the advice she gave her when she was starting out on the set of EastEnders.

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