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Charlie Dimmock’s comments about her weight are just what women need to hear

Let's take a leaf out of Charlie's book

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Charlie Dimmock has attracted more than a few headlines about her weight in recent years – and she has a wonderfully refreshing attitude to her size, admitting that she’s “always been up and down”.

The popular gardener, on telly in ITV’s Garden Rescue, bounded back into the limelight on the show in 2017. After being off screen for so long after leaving Ground Force, critical viewers couldn’t wait to comment that Charlie looked a little different to before.

But Charlie had the perfect comeback ready for any haters out there, and her comments are what I think all women need to read – and preach themselves.

Charlie Dimmock smiling on Garden Rescue
Garden Rescue star Charlie Dimmock has said life’s too short to worry about her weight (Credit: ITV)

Charlie Dimmock trolled over her weight

Charlie shot to fame in 1997 alongside Alan Titchmarsh and Tommy Walsh on Ground Force. She left the show in 2004, and didn’t return to our screens in a more regular capacity until fronting Garden Rescue some 13 years later.

Time has not been kind to Charlie.

Like many women – and men – Charlie saw her weight and physique change in this time. There are more important things in life than counting calories, people. However, some cruel viewers hit Twitter to call out Charlie’s changing shape.

“Charlie Dimmock has put some timber on!” slammed one. “Time has not been kind to Charlie,” said another. “Charlie Dimmock has been at the pies eh?’ said a third.

There’s just no need for it and, regardless of what she looks like, Charlie is an incredibly talented gardener. She’s more than able to do her job and she’s on telly a hell of a lot more than her haters! So I reckon it’s time to keep your nose out and let people be.

Charlie Dimmock with Alan and Tommy on Ground Force posing together
Charlie shot to fame on Ground Force in her thirties (Credit: Tony Sapiano/Shutterstock)

‘I’ll never be slim or skinny’

It’s a sentiment Charlie, 57, appears to share after previously opening up about her weight. Chatting to the Independent back in 2016, the green-fingered TV presenter appeared to preempt the trolling. She explained that “life is too short” to worry about your weight. And she admitted that the stance is something that has come to her with age.

“I’ve always been up and down in my weight. I’ll never be slim or skinny, let’s put it like that. One season I’ll be a size 14, then 18, but it’s something I’ve just accepted now. I’m at that age where I think, life is too short.”

Same here Chazzer, but why should she even have to address it? Are the keyboard warriors making these cruel comments supermodels themselves? Perhaps they have one brain cell between them if they think Charlie a) cares or b) lets it affect her positive attitude. Her shape and size certainly isn’t affecting her popularity or her TV appearances. And long may that continue.

She’s an inspiration – for women who have gained a few extra pounds themselves and for those who may be concerned about the ageing process. She’s fit and active and don’t give a damn what anyone thinks!

On her sex symbol status

Charlie has also previously spoken about her sex symbol status when she joined Ground Force, admitting it baffled her. “I was never a sex symbol before, so how could I suddenly become one? It’s just a bit silly. I received a few silly letters back then, like a marriage proposal from a farmer in Australia,” she said.

Famous for her reputation for not wearing a bra, Charlie said she “didn’t plan it” and insists the move was simply because “sometimes just more comfortable not having a bra on”.

We so hear you, Charlie – on all of the above. It should be entirely up to the individual how they look, what they wear, how much they weigh… And it’s a crying shame that it isn’t.

The world needs to be more Charlie and not give a toss! There’s more to a woman than her waistline, and the trolls would do well to remember that next time they’re tempted to comment.

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