Clarkson's Farm star Kaleb Cooper with a straight face

Clarkson’s Farm star Kaleb Cooper announces new career move away from the show

He usually assists Jeremy Clarkson on the farm

Clarkson’s Farm star Kaleb Cooper has shared the progress of his new venture away from life on the farm.

Kaleb typically helps out Jeremy Clarkson as well as starring in the popular series.

However, it seems he has somewhat flown the nest with a brand-new calling that is sure to rake in some cash.

Following the death of his beloved grandfather, Clarkson’s Farm favourite Kaleb appears to be growing his empire one step at a time, outside of Jeremy’s Diddly Squat farm.

Kaleb has announced that he is releasing his third book, entitled It’s A Farming Thing.

Kaleb Cooper smiling
Kaleb Cooper has a new venture (Credit: Youtube)

Clarkson’s Farm star Kaleb Cooper releases new book

In his announcement, shared to social media, Kaleb also paid a heartfelt tribute to his late grandfather. He said: “So, just finished another baling job, I’ve done another 50 bales here. It’s a load of wrap silage. And I’ve got some very exciting news which I’m really really excited about and that is, I’ve done my first book which is The World According To Kaleb, I’ve done my second book which is Britain According To Kaleb, and now… This is my third book!

I’ve got a new book coming out later this year, it’s called It’s A Farming Thing.

“I’ve got a new book coming out later this year, it’s called It’s A Farming Thing, it’s available on Amazon, and it’s all about farming. And this book definitely means something a little bit to me. Something special and it touches my heart because it’s dedicated to my grandad, who passed away two years ago. He meant absolutely everything, he was my rock, he was my drive. And that’s why I drive and work so hard these days, I think. Because I want to basically take over the world as a young person. Um but yeah, it’s available on Amazon, please check it out.”

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Kaleb Cooper news

Kaleb is 26 and typically works alongside Jeremy Clarkson on the Amazon Prime Video series Clarkson’s Farm. He was born in the Cotswolds, close to where Clarkson’s Farm is filmed.

Discussing his career, he told David Prever on his BBC Radio Oxford Breakfast Club show: “Jeremy bought the farm in 2008 and I worked for the chap who contract-farmed it.

Jeremy Clarkson frowning
Kaleb Cooper works on Jeremy Clarkson’s farm (Credit: Youtube)

“Jeremy came up and said: ‘I still need someone to farm the farm – would you be interested? You know every name of the field, every acreage of the field. You’re the perfect person to keep farming it.’

“I said: ‘Absolutely, I’d love to farm your farm.’ But instead of having the top man there, I was the top man.”

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