Dr Michael Mosley on The Project NZ

Dr Michael Mosley joked about adventurous way he wanted to die a year before his death

Michael died earlier this month while on holiday in Greece

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During an interview last year, Dr Michael Mosley – whose death was announced at the weekend – joked about the unconventional way he wanted to die.

The British journalist died at age 67 on June 5 while on vacation on the Greek island of Symi. After setting off for a walk, Michael went missing for four days. According to the BBC, he died of natural causes.

Dr Michael Mosley on The Project NZ
Michael died at age 67 (Credit: YouTube)

Death of Dr Michael Mosley: ‘Ambition’ to be ‘swallowed by shark’

Since his tragic death, an interview with Michael on The Project NZ from March last year has resurfaced. Michael was promoting his live show that aimed to cover topics from wellness to sleepiness.

Michael also insisted he had tips to help people live until they are 101 years old.

When the presenter of the show asked him if he wanted to live that long, Michael admitted that “most people don’t”.

He then insisted that most people want to “lead a reasonably healthy life and get run over by a bus or perhaps while kitesurfing or end up getting swallowed up by a shark.”

He continued to joke about his death: “That’s my ambition anyway!”

Dr Michael Mosley on The Project NZ
Reports suggest Michael died from natural causes (Credit: YouTube)

Michael’s wife takes ‘comfort’ that her husband ‘so very nearly made it’ to safety

In CCTV footage obtained by the BBC taken near the Agia Marina beach bar, Michael disappears from the camera’s view when walking down a hillside nearby where his body was found.

Michael’s wife, Dr Clare Bailey, said in a statement that her family was “taking comfort in the fact” that he “so very nearly made it” to safety.

“He did an incredible climb, took the wrong route and collapsed where he couldn’t be easily seen by the extensive search team,” she said.

Dr Bailey described her husband as “wonderful, funny, kind and brilliant”. She also stated they had an “incredibly lucky life together”.

“We loved each other very much and were so happy together.”

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Dr Michael Mosley on how to live to 101 | The Project NZ

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