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Emma Willis fiercely defends husband Matt as he’s branded ‘selfish’

'We're all imperfect'

Emma Willis has fiercely defended her husband Matt after he was branded “selfish”.

The criticism came in response to his self-titled documentary Matt Willis: Fighting Addiction which aired earlier this week. In the programme, the Busted star gave a raw insight into his struggles with alcohol and drug addiction.

Matt and Emma have received a great deal of praise for their honesty in the deeply personal documentary, but there has also been some cruel criticism. Matt’s wife Emma addressed this in an Instagram post, reminding fans that “as humans we’re all imperfect”.

Matt and Emma Willis
Emma and Matt gave an honest account of their experience with addiction (Credit: BBC)

TV’s Emma Willis defends husband Matt

Emma shared a clip of the Matt Willis: Fighting Addiction documentary and, in a lengthy caption, explained the background behind the programme.

“It started out as a deep dive into the science around addiction and along the way became entwined with Matt’s own personal experience. It looks at addiction, but also at the affect it has on loved ones, on families,” she said.

The Voice UK presenter shared that filming the documentary had been both “incredibly cathartic” and “tough to relive that period in our lives”.

Emma Willis
Emma Willis has defended her husband after people called him ‘selfish’ (Credit: BBC)

Emma went on to defend her husband in the wake of some backlash he has received on social media.

As humans we’re all imperfect.

“Matt amazes me every day with his resilience, strength and determination,” she asserted fiercely. “He is everything to everyone around him and it astounds me that he cannot see what we all see in him.

She reminded viewers, some of whom have described Matt as “selfish” and “self-centred” for his story: “As humans we’re all imperfect, and we shouldn’t feel like we have to hide certain parts of ourselves to be loved.”

Matt faced backlash after the documentary on social media.

One person said: “Watching Matt Willis’ Fighting Addiction and I’m very disappointed. Too much about himself, talking about the tour, not a lot about fighting addiction.” Another person agreed: “It’s an advert, I was thinking the exact same.” A third person said: “It shows again how little compassion addicts have for the people in their environment. Addiction makes one so self-centred.”

Matt Willis: Fighting Addiction is available on BBC iPlayer.

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