Emma Willis looks concerned and her husband Matt Willis poses for cameras

Emma Willis fears leaving husband Matt and their kids when she dies: ‘I want to live as long as possible’

It's made her take her wellbeing very seriously

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Emma Willis, who’s married to husband Matt and appears on a repeat of Cooking With The Stars today (July 10, 2024), has previously opened up about her fears of dying and leaving her family behind.

The 48-year-old telly fave has been married to Busted beau Matt Willis since 2008. They share three children together – Isabelle, Ace and Trixie.

Emma revealed a few years ago how she had to “reassess everything” following illness which left her puffy, bloated and stressed.

But she has also pondered the ageing process – and has indicated staying healthy as the years roll by is a big reason for her dedication to wellbeing.

Emma Willis and her husband Matt Willis pose for the camera
TV’s Emma Willis and her husband Matt have been married since 2009 (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Emma Willis on being around for her husband and children

Emma once spoke about her worries worries about growing old to the Daily Mail.

She said in March 2019: “I just want to live as long as possible because I have three children and a husband that I don’t want to leave.

I may as well try and live well now.

“I see my parents getting older and I think, how can I prevent what is going to happen to me?”

Emma added it makes sense to her to look after herself while she is younger, rather than put it off.

She went on: “I may as well try and live well now rather than getting to 60 and thinking, why didn’t I go to those Pilates classes?”

Health-conscious Emma

Back in May 2019, Emma told Women’s Health a sudden bout of illness had motivated her to make some changes to her lifestyle. She detailed at the time that a visit to a nutritionist helped introduce her to Pilates.

Emma said: “Normally, I’m a very positive, happy person and suddenly I wasn’t, and that really affected me.” She continued by revealing that tests showed several different matters “were all over the place”.

Emma Willis presents The Voice, and has done since 2014
Emma Willis presents The Voice, and has done since 2014 (Credit: YouTube)

“Stress, inflammation in my body, as well as being puffy and bloated, and I was just knackered,” she continued. You don’t realise that those things affect your body in the way that they do, until you’re not in a good place. I had to reassess everything.”

Good health always to Emma!

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Emma hosts Cooking With the Stars today (July 10, 2024) on ITV1 from 2pm. 

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