Kate Garraway talking on GMB

GMB host Kate Garraway branded ‘rude’ as viewers call out her for ‘interrupting’

Kate was slammed on social media for her interaction with the guest

On today’s GMB (June 14), Kate Garraway has left viewers fuming as she engaged in a back and forth debate with the leader of the Green Party.

Kate’s antics have left GMB fans less than impressed, with someone even taking to social media to slam her behaviour. In the scenes, Kate and co-star Rob Rinder grilled the Green Party leader, Adrian Ramsay, with questions about the upcoming General Election.

Rob Rinder sat beside Kate Garraway on GMB
Rob Rinder and Kate Garraway fired questions at Green Party co-leader Adrian Ramsay (Credit: ITV)

GMB host Kate Garraway grills Green Party leader

As the run-up to the General Election continues, all eyes are on the UK’s politicians – especially when they grace our screens to have their say. Today was no different as Rob and Kate fired questions at Green Party leader, Adrian Ramsay.

However, this interaction left some Good Morning Britain viewers with a bad taste in their mouth. During the discussion, Kate and Rob quizzed Adrian about his party’s new wealth tax, as well as whether the party will have members who are “anti-semites and racists”.

Kate, you have to stop interrupting people during an interview.

Mr Ramsay began to insist that the Green Party opposes any form of racism, before Kate chimed in. She said: “But you have had problems this year with councillor standing and then celebrating in a way that has caused great offence.”

The politician then continued to try and defend his party. But this time, Rob interjected: “But there are six named by The Times who are still official candidates.”

Clearly growing frustrated Mr Ramsay questioned: “Do you mind if I could just answer your question?” However, Rob insisted that the politician must “pause”.

Meanwhile, viewers weren’t pleased, with some sharing their thoughts on social media.

Green Party leader Adrian Ramsay on Good Morning Britain
Adrian Ramsay struggled to get a word in (Credit: ITV)

Good Morning Britain viewers fume over Green Party leader interview

One fumed: “Kate Garraway talking to the leader of the Green party like he is a child,” and another complained: “‘Little miss interrupt everybody’ on top form. Spends five minutes asking a question and then buts in with an interruption after five words.”

A third penned: “This Green Party dude needs to dial it down a bit, but Kate is coming off a bit rude.”

Another chimed in: “Kate, you have to stop interrupting people during an interview. Ask the question, and let them answer.”

Someone else said during today’s GMB: “I do wish Kate Garraway would stop cutting in.”

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