Ranvir Singh on Good Morning Britaqin and Rishi Sunak

‘Smug’ Ranvir Singh under fire over her remarks about outgoing PM Rishi Sunak: ‘Gobby, offensive annoyance’

Ranvir appeared on today's episode of GMB

Good Morning Britain presenter Ranvir Singh has garnered criticism for her behaviour directed towards outgoing Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Ranvir’s remarks – which appeared to take a jab at Sunak’s prospects following his departure from office – have not sat well with some of the audience.

Many viewers have even called her professionalism into question.

Ranvir Singh on Good Morning Britain
Ranvir had some words for Rishi Sunak on today’s Good Morning Britain (Credit: ITV)

Ranvir Singh on Good Morning Britain

During a segment on today’s Good Morning Britain, Ranvir attempted to speak to Sunak regarding the outcome of yesterday’s election.

The 2024 General Election saw the Conservatives suffer their biggest defeat in a century. Under the helm of Rishi Sunak, the party lost over 200 seats in a landslide victory for the Labour party.

Ranvir was stationed outside the Tory HQ and she called after Sunak as he entered. She asked him if he ‘blames himself’ for the results.

But by the way Rishi Sunak, I’ve checked the weather in California. It’s sunny, it’s 30 degrees, wink wink.

Later, as she spoke with GMB hosts Susanna Reid and Ed Balls, the host made a comment directed at the former PM.

On the broadcast, Ranvir quipped: “Look at the weather, it’s miserable. But by the way Rishi Sunak, I’ve checked the weather in California. It’s sunny, it’s 30 degrees, wink wink.”

This remark was a nudge at the possibility of Sunak relocating to California post his resignation as leader of the Conservative party, due to his ties to the state through his wife’s family.

Ranvir Singh
Ranvir was criticised for her comments and behaviour (Credit: Cover Images)

GMB today

However, the tone and intention behind her comment attracted criticism from viewers.

One Twitter user labelled Ranvir a “Poundshop journalist”.

Another viewer mocked the presenter, writing: “Yeah Ranvir shouting at his car ‘DO YOU BLAME YOURSELF RISHI’ is definitely going to get a response from him…. apparently a journalist and presenter #gmb.”

Other comments reflected a similar sentiment.

“Could gobby Ranvir sound any more smug, hope Labour high tax your wages too! #gmb,” a third viewer fumed.

“Ranvir Singh is a gobby, offensive annoyance #GMB,” another added.

One particularly scathing critique involved a description of Ranvir’s on-air behavior. “Cackling at Ranvir SCREAMING at Rishi Sunak whether he blames himself or not for the result don’t need to pretend any longer dorlins! #GMB,” they wrote.

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