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Lingo host Adil Ray on ‘awkward’ living arrangement with his parents after divorce

Adil is also a beloved host on GMB

Lingo favourite Adil Ray usually keeps his personal life fairly private. The GMB host rarely shares an insight into his time away from our screens, especially when it comes to his loved ones.

Instead, he focuses on presenting the news, providing us with laughs or solving word puzzles. However, he has previously shared a glimpse into family life, including during a tough period for himself and his parents.

His story allows us to get to know the real Adil Ray and an awkward period he endured…

Adil Ray on Lingo
Adil Ray is the beloved host of Lingo (Credit: ITV)

Lingo host Adil Ray on ‘awkward’ time after parent’s divorce

In a candid chat with The Guardian back in 2016, Lingo star Adil explained how his parents split up when he was just 11 years old. However, they didn’t stop living together.

One of the reasons I haven’t committed myself to marriage is because I somehow think I’ve got to make it perfect.

The comedian explained how this was an “awkward” living arrangement which impacted his approach to marriage. He said: “My parents split up when I was 11. I couldn’t get my head around why they would do that. It made me very independent, suddenly. I realised I couldn’t rely on my parents … and that if they were not always going to be together, maybe I would be on my own one day.

Adil Ray on Lingo
Adil Ray usually keeps quiet about his personal life (Credit: ITV)

“They lived in the same house for six years after they separated. Dad lived in the front and Mum lived in the back. It was awkward. I was always being caught between the two of them, trying to work out who to sit with that day, because they had separate living rooms. And we’d all eat separately.”

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Consequently, he went on to detail his view on marriage. He continued: “One of the reasons I haven’t committed myself to marriage is because I somehow think I’ve got to make it perfect. I’ve got to prove that you can have a perfect family. I have to constantly remind myself that that is ludicrous.”

In 2021, the presenter admitted he had dipped his toes into online dating after confirming he was “completely single”.

Currently, Adil Ray appears to still be single.

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