Marcella: Anna Friel confirms ITV drama is delayed until autumn due to coronavirus

Marcella actress took to Twitter to share the news

Marcella has been pushed back to the autumn because of the coronavirus pandemic, star of the ITV crime drama, Anna Friel, has confirmed.

Anna Friel
Marcella will return in the autumn, Anna Friel has revealed (Credit:

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The actress, 43, took to twitter to share the news that ITV have had to push Marcella back in its scheduling due to COVID-19.

She wrote: “Marcella will be shown in the autumn! Sorry for those of you waiting . Xxx”.

Marcella first aired in 2016 and fans have been patiently waiting for series three since series two ended in 2018.

Anna returns as detective Marcella (Credit: ITV)

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The next series will see detective Marcella Backland, who suffers with memory loss, try to cope with her mental health issues and juggle life as an undercover police officer in Belfast, taking on an infamous crime family.

Marcella fans responded to Anna with a mix of delight that the drama is returning and despair that they have to wait even longer before they can watch the show.

“I genuinely screamed ‘YES’ can’t wait, you’ve done an amazing job acting as her Anna, should be proud of yourself,” a fan replied.

Scandi fan

Another said: “Good news! Being a huge Scandi crime TV drama fan, Marcella is right up my street” while someone else added: “Don’t apologise, it is what it is & we can wait girl x”

“Thanks for the update!!!!! Better than checking google 3 times a day…” another Marcella fan joked.

Other drama fans lamented how lockdown is the perfect time to catch up on your favourite shows with: “This would have been a good time what with the staying indoors, but I continue to wait until later this year. Hugs to you and the entire cast. You are the best.”

And upset viewer responded: “No!!!!!! I have been waiting forever!! My favorite show!! Love you so much Anna!” while a third said: “’bout time beautiful”.

Series three of Marcella returns in the Autumn (Credit: ITV)

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Series two ended with Marcella leaving the police force; she was then offered a job working as an undercover detective.

The new season is set in Belfast where takes on a new identity, Keira, and is undercover in the infamous Maguire crime family.

But as she investigates their activities, how much has she embraced Keira’s personality and left Marcella behind?

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Nancy Brown
Associate Editor