Miriam Margolyes on Loose Women

Miriam Margolyes swears live on Loose Women amid lawsuit fears: ‘I said things about people I didn’t like’

A pretty chaotic segment!

Mayhem ensued on the set of ITV’s Loose Women today (July 4) when actress Miriam Margolyes dropped an expletive live on air.

The 83-year-old star is best known for her roles in Call the Midwife and the Harry Potter franchise.

Miriam appeared as a guest on today’s episode of the daytime talk show to promote her new book, Oh Miriam. And that must’ve been just what ITV bosses were uttering as she let rip…

Miriam Margolyes dropped an expletive on Loose Women
Miriam Margolyes dropped an expletive on Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

Miriam Margolyes curses on Loose Women

Today’s panel was comprised of host Kaye Adams, Denise Welch, Olivia Attwood-Dack and Nadia Sawalha.

When asked by the ladies about her motivation to write her autobiography, Miriam candidly responded: “Because they paid me.” Her frank answer drew laughter from the audience.

However, the conversation took a turn when Kaye asked: “Can they pay you to do anything, Miriam?”

“Well, I wouldn’t eat [bleep]!” she declared.

The response from Miriam led to much amusement – as well as shock – in the studio. Denise could be seen covering her mouth in disbelief, as Kaye shook her head.

Attempting to recover from the momentary disruption, Miriam quipped: “Am I allowed to say that, oh dear?” She then clarified her original comment: “I wouldn’t eat faeces.”

However, Kaye, ever the professional, managed to steer the conversation forward. “Thank you, we do love the preferred name,” she said, amidst laughter from the panel and audience.

Miriam Margolyes on Loose Women
The hosting panel were visibly shocked (Credit: ITV)

Legal dramas

Shedding light on the writing process of her book, Miriam later confessed that it had to undergo a thorough legal examination.

“It had to be excised by the legal people,” she revealed. “I said things about people I didn’t like that could be libelous and don’t want to get into a lawsuit.”

Despite the scandal in the studio, the viewers at home were entertained by Miriam’s candidness.

One viewer tweeted: “#loosewomen Love Miriam Margolyes @loosewomen @ITV,” accompanied by laughter emojis.

Another found the humour in the situation: “Potty mouth #loosewomen.”

And others expressed their affection for the star: “I like her!”

Miriam unfiltered

Miriam has become notorious for her unfiltered comments. In a recent interview, the actress revealed what she really thought about singer Lily Allen.

At the Hay Festival last month, Miriam disclosed that she met the British singer on Graham Norton in 2014, but wasn’t a fan.

“She thought when she was on the programme that it was all about her,” Miriam explained.

“She wasn’t friendly and I didn’t like that and so I showed my dislike, which wasn’t very nice of me because she was much younger than me and I should have just taught her how to behave.”

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