Abi and Heather tear up on Rich House, Poor House

Rich House, Poor House fans in tears over millionaire couple’s ‘life-changing’ gesture to struggling couple

Such a brilliant episode

Rich House, Poor House viewers have admitted they were wowed by a millionaire couple’s “amazing” gesture to a struggling couple who desperately wanted to own their own home.

Admin workers Bradley and Heather lived off just £87 per week. The pair swapped homes with millionaire property investors Abi and Gordie who have £1,200 to spend per week. As the couples reunited after the swap, Channel 5 viewers were in tears over Abi and Gordie’s sweet gesture to Bradley and Heather.

Heather and Bradley speak on Rich House, Poor House
Bradley and Heather were struggling with debt (Credit: Channel 5)

Young parents Bradley and Heather found themselves in major debt

Heather, 24, and Bradley, 22, from Nottinghamshire, were struggling to support their two-year-old daughter Lois. They were also facing debts of over £8,000. But the couple broke down in tears as property investors Abi and Gordie, who had assets worth £7 million, offered them a big change.

Abi told the couple: “We’ve been thinking what we can do to help you guys.” Gordie then asked the couple if they’d be willing to move out of Nottinghamshire, which they agreed they would. Abi smiled and added: “We would love you to relocate to Doncaster. We will pay a relocation package and we’d like you to come in and work for us.”

Heather immediately broke down in tears over the couple’s gesture as Bradley added: “We are going to work harder for you than anyone else has before, I promise.” Abi and Gordie also offered to help them get training to pay off their debts and eventually get their own home. The couple admitted they couldn’t believe the “life-changing” news.

Abi and Geordie speak on Rich House Poor House
Viewers admitted they were in tears over the offer (Credit: Channel 5)

Rich House, Poor House viewers were wowed by the gesture

Many fans of Rich House, Poor House admitted they had found themselves becoming emotional over Abi and Gordie’s offer to the couple. One person wrote: “Awwww that was lovely! All of them were really nice people. I hope it’s worked out well.”

A genuine, hardworking couple who thoroughly deserved the opportunity to rebuild their lives.

A second person also added: “Wow, that’s so kind of them!” Another fan commented: “I cried at the end when you offered them the new job opportunity and house move. Wish them all the best in their new journey.” A fourth viewer confessed: “Brilliant episode tonight! A genuine, hardworking couple who thoroughly deserved the opportunity to rebuild their lives.”

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