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Roman Kemp supported by Bradley Walsh after calling parents Martin and Shirlie ‘in tears’

He was doubting his abilities as host of The Finish Line

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Roman Kemp has revealed how he cried to his parents after filming the first episode of his quiz show The Finish Line.

The series kicked off on BBC One earlier this year, with Roman at the helm. But he has now revealed that, after filming the very first episode, he decided that he wasn’t “good enough” to front the show.

As a result, he called his parents “in tears” – and soon quiz show legend Bradley Walsh stepped in with some advice.

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Roman Kemp revealed his anxiety after filming the first episode of his quiz show (Credit: Splash News)

Roman Kemp ‘not good enough’ to front his own quiz show

Speaking to Closer, Roman admitted he struggled during the filming of The Finish Line. After filming on episode one wrapped, he rang his famous parents – Martin and Shirlie Kemp – for advice.

He said: “Filming the first episode of the first-ever series – I was so bad. I called my mum and dad afterwards and I was in tears… like: ‘I am not good enough for this. I thought I was good enough for it. But I am not.’

“But both my mum and dad said to me: ‘Go to bed, sleep and go into it the next day and know what you are going to work on.’ They said: ‘You’ve got this’ – and the next day, I did it.”

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Bradley Walsh checks in

Even Bradley Walsh – dad to presenter and actor son Barney Walsh – got in touch to support Roman, who appears on Brad’s Blankety Blank tonight (June 29).

He said: “Brad called me the other day to ask how I was getting on. He told me to keep going… He said he’s very glad that there is a new generation of live entertainment coming through. I was pleasantly surprised.”

Bradley Walsh in a tux on the red carpet
Bradley Walsh lent his support to Roman (Credit: Splash News)

Roman has previously quipped that he’s in competition with Bradley’s son Barney – and joked about claims they’re both nepo babies, before adding: “He’s a lovely boy.”

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