Sue Radford rests her chin on her hand, and Noel Radford speaks

Sue and Noel Radford share extent of ‘terrible’ house with 22 kids

Look at that muck!

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Sue and Noel Radford, stars of 22 Kids & Counting, have given YouTube followers a glimpse at how they tidy up.

In a recent vlog, the parents of the huge brood shared with viewers what a colossal task it is to keep their home ship-shape.

Dad Noel admitted they had waited until their school age children went back to lessons after the Christmas holidays to have a deep clean.

But as the Radfords gave fans an inside look at the scale of the task ahead of them, they were immediately rewarded for their graft.

Sue Radford cleans the sofa
Sue Radford moves the cushion to clean the sofa…and reveals what was lurking underneath (Credit: YouTube)

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With the kids at school, Noel said how he’d also taken the day off so he and mum Sue could have a proper sort out.

“This is the first time since Christmas that we’re really having a right good tidy up of the house,” he said.

He explained that when the kids were on holiday, it meant trying to clean up around them all meant they kept going “back to square one”.

“The toys are out, stuff’s everywhere… so just chaos,” Noel noted.

Sue, seen stripping all the cushions off the chair, could be heard groaning at the grime that was revealed.

“Look at it!” she said, before Noel had a nervous chuckle and chipped in with: “Oh, that’s terrible.”

Oh, that’s terrible.

However, despite the crumbs and the crisps and bits of toys that were evident, Sue soon discovered a “bonus” treat.

“If that’s a pound coin, it’s mine,” Noel piped up.

But instead, Sue produced two sweets, which Noel claimed as “our reward for cleaning the house all day”.

Noel, who made several runs to the tip that day, also joked at one point about the items lurking in the sofa: “Maybe we just put the cushions back on and ignore it.”

Sue Radford holds up two sweets
Sue and Noel’s ‘bonus’ (Credit: YouTube)

How YouTube viewers reacted to Sue and Noel Radford

Fans commenting on Sue and Noel’s vlog seemed to be impressed by their efforts.

“Way to go you two! Teamwork makes the dream work!” one viewer congratulated them.

Someone else added: “I would love to see Sue’s cleaning routine for the week. The house always looks so clean.”

Meanwhile, another person pondered: “How do you keep on top of the actual cleaning side of things? Like cleaning the bathroom, dusting, washing all the bedding etc.”

However, others begged them to let their older kids clean up after themselves. One said: “Teach the children to tidy up and clean, many hands make light work.”

Another wrote: “Teach the children to tidy up.”

Someone else added: “Kids are old enough to clean their own rooms and keep them tidy. Nonsense cleaning up after big kids like that.”

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