Sue Barker and Andy Murray at Wimbledon 2024

BBC viewers beg for Sue Barker to return as Andy Murray left tearful after Wimbledon surprise

'I couldn't miss this'

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BBC viewers insist that Sue Barker should return to Wimbledon after she came out of retirement to surprise an emotional Andy Murray.

The former tennis player and television presenter was the face of BBC’s Wimbledon for three decades before waving goodbye in 2022. However, she returned to the court on July 4 for the special occasion of Andy Murray’s farewell.

Sue Barker at Wimbledon
Sue came out of retirement to honour Andy (Credit: YouTube)

Sue Barker ‘couldn’t miss’ Andy Murray’s final Wimbledon game

While participating in his farewell Wimbledon match, Andy noticed Sue approaching him.

As he applauded her with the crowd, she was greeted with a smile from Andy. “I couldn’t miss this,” she revealed.

While trying to compose himself, Andy attempted to fight back the tears as the camera panned to a teary crowd.

An emotional Andy Murray during Wimbledon
Andy tried to fight back the tears (Credit: YouTube)

Andy and Sue reminisced on the many highs from Andy’s tennis career. They also mentioned his loss to Roger Federer, a year before his first victory.

“It’s always really difficult to speak after a loss, particularly after a Grand Slam final and being at Wimbledon. That’s the closest I had been and it was obviously difficult. It was quite an important moment in my career,” Andy explained.

To celebrate his accomplishments, Andy was shown a video where the likes of Serena Williams and Roger honored and paid tribute to him. In the crowd, his mum, wife, and two of their children were also in the crowd to support him.

“I want to play forever, I love the sport. It’s given me so much, and taught me loads of lessons over the years that I can use for the rest of my life. I don’t want to stop, so it’s hard,” Andy confessed.

The interview between Sue and Andy had to be stopped due to the crowd’s loud applause.

“I can’t stop them, Andy,” she said.

‘Get her back’

Following her return to Wimbledon, BBC viewers have demanded that the icon return full-time.

“BRING BACK SUE BARKER. Go and grovel but get her back,” one user wrote.

Bring Sue Barker back,” another person said.

Sorry but Wimbledon hasn’t been the same since Sue Barker retired….we need her back,” a third remarked.

We want Sue Barker back!!” a fourth demanded.

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Andy Murray's Emotional Farewell Interview IN FULL | Wimbledon 2024

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