Bradley Walsh and the Chasers on ITV The Chase

Inside filming for The Chase – from clothing rules; what Bradley Walsh is like; size of the studio

The game show is a hit with ITV viewers

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The Chase has graced our screens for over a decade on ITV and is the favourite of many. Airing on ITV, the popular game show sees a slew of contestants hoping to beat the Chasers and take home a huge sum. It also has a spin off – Beat The Chasers.

Hosted by Bradley Walsh since 2009, the programme has been an afternoon staple on our screens, with many viewers tuning in every day for their fix.

Of course, this means that there are a ton of details that go into filming the show – but what really goes on behind the scenes?

Bradley Walsh and the Chasers on ITV The Chase
The Chase first graced our screens in 2009 (Credit: ITV)

ITV The Chase behind-the-scenes secrets

Because so many contestants find themselves in the studio for hours whilst filming, plenty have given their insight into what actually goes on during The Chase.

From clothing changes to lots of pauses, many quiz stars have gone on to give a glimpse into the running of The Chase studio.

Bradley Walsh on The Chase

It seems Bradley has garnered glowing reviews after interacting with contestants. One gushed that he is “just as nice” as he is on TV.

Rachel Warwick from Hampshire took to TikTok to say: “Bradley is lovely, you don’t get to talk to him that much before and after filming but when I did get to speak to him he is so nice.”

Aaron Greenaway from Cornwall wrote in an article for Cornwall Live: “He really takes the time to know the contestants, their story, where they’re from. The conversation you see on the end edit where you talk about yourself before facing the cash builder goes on for a lot longer than what you see.”

The Wiltshire Times also told of local contestant Joanna Tweedale being gifted a signature from Bradley. He signed a CD she brought into the studio.

Bradley Walsh smiling in ITV promo picture for The Chase
Bradley Walsh had great reviews from former The Chase contestants (Credit: ITV)

Clothing changes

Meanwhile, some former contestants have spoken about the clothing rules on the game show.

Marco Spiro once spoke to The Sun and spilled: “They choose what you wear. You give them to their personal dresser, and they pick what you actually wear.”

Chaser Jenny Ryan confirmed the clothing rule, saying on Twitter: “Everyone who appears on any quiz/game show is asked to bring a choice of outfits. Absolutely standard practice.

“The outfits have to be tested on camera to make sure they don’t strobe or clash/match with the set or the other contestants.”

The Chase on ITV: Lots of pauses

Speaking to MyLondon, contestant Lee Chamber detailed plenty of pauses. He explained: “You walk onto the set and you see all the cameras and the props and it looks very different than it does on the television. There were a lot of pauses. Overall it probably took three hours.”

Lee also went on to say that each segment is filmed separately. He said he noticed part of his Chase experience was edited out of the show. The part he mentioned was after he and his teammates realised they had beat the Chaser.

He said: “I think they edited out the delayed reaction because we just stood there in shock. There was just silence. They tell you in the build-up that if you win you should celebrate. So they can make sure it’s in the shot.”

Lee was mailed a £5,666 cheque in the post a month later.

ITV The Chase contestants speaking to Bradley Walsh
A former contestant said they thought The Chase studio was smaller than it looks on TV (Credit: ITV)

The Chase studio on ITV

Former contestant Dorinda Balchin told Swindon Advertiser of the studio: “It was incredibly small. That was my first impression.

“Small and dark. Obviously the bit where we sat was well lit but it was tiny compared to how it looks on the television.”

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The Chase airs weekdays from 5pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

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