Composite image of Stevie and Will on EastEnders, both looking worried (Credit: BBC/Composite: ED!)

EastEnders spoilers: Will violently attacks Stevie

Will lashes out

Our EastEnders spoilers reveal that, as Stevie Mitchell presses him over the theft of Lola’s charity money, young Will lashes out and attacks his grandfather. Fleeing the scene, Will leaves Stevie unconscious on the floor.

Will Stevie pull through?

Read our EastEnders spoilers for this storyline in full below.

Stevie talking to Will on EastEnders
Stevie is determined to find out who took Lola’s money (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Will attacks Stevie

With the Mitchell family blaming him for the theft of Lola’s charity money, Stevie is on a mission to track down the true culprit. At the cafe, Stevie questions Will about his involvement. In a desperate attempt to throw Stevie off the scent, his grandson cooks up a story.

Later in the pub, Will defends Stevie to Phil. He storms off when Phil won’t listen to his protests of Stevie’s innocence.

Will looking worried on EastEnders
In an act of madness, Will attacks his granddad (Credit: BBC)

Seeing his grandson heading home, Stevie follows Will. He tries to get him to admit what he did, losing his temper when Will refuses to confess.

Seeing red, Will knocks Stevie over and runs away. Stevie is left motionless on the floor…

Stevie in a hospital bed on EastEnders
Stevie is rushed to hospital (Credit: BBC)

The Mitchells rush Stevie to hospital

Phil sees Will running out of the flat. Inside, he finds Stevie unconscious on the floor.

As Phil calls an ambulance, the Mitchells rush to the hospital. After Phil confronts Will, the youth confesses everything.

Phil talking to Will on EastEnders
Phil demands the truth from Will (Credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Phil heads off to find the boy who is blackmailing Will. Back at the hospital, doctors tell the relieved Mitchells that Stevie has a concussion but will be Okay.

However, there are more shocks in store when three new faces arrive in Albert Square looking for Stevie. Enter Teddy, Harry and Barney Mitchell…

But who are these mystery Mitchells, and what do they want?

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