Alison Hammond laughing and Ainsley Harriott pulling a face on This Morning

Alison Hammond visibly shocked over Ainsley Harriott’s X-rated question live on This Morning: ‘Best thing ever’

Did you catch it?

This Morning star Alison Hammond was left open-mouthed earlier today (June 7), when chef Ainsley Harriott asked her an X-rated question live on air.

The cooking pro could be seen serving up a delicious breakfast for Alison and co-star Dermot O’Leary.

Ainsley appeared especially fond of Alison! He even showered her with compliments throughout the segment, whilst whipping up the presenters’ eggs – just how they like them!

However, it wasn’t just Alison’s eggs that were scrambled… This Morning viewers couldn’t believe their ears when Ainsley posed a raunchy question.

This Morning star Alison Hammond smiling and holding a plate beside Ainsley Harriott
Ainsley thought Alison Hammond called him a nickname live on This Morning (Credit: ITV / ITVX)

Alison Hammond on This Morning today

Alison could be seen looking particularly shocked when Ainsley questioned her over what she had addressed him as, whilst in the kitchen.

The brunette beauty waited patiently for Ainsley to serve her breakfast onto her plate and likened waiting for the meal as waiting in line for school. Alison then jokingly nicknamed Ainsley “sir” as she thanked him.

But things got quickly lost in translation and Ainsley asked whether Alison had called him “daddy”. A bemused Alison insisted: “Sir,” before explaining, “I didn’t call you daddy.”

I didn’t call him daddy.

The pair could both be seen smirking before Dermot chimed in with a look of confusion on his face: “That’s a whole different context.”

Alison then mouthed at the camera: “I didn’t call him daddy.”

Alison Hammond, Ainsley Harriott, Dermot O'Leary in the This Morning kitchen
Ainsley Harriott whipped up breakfast live on air (Credit: ITV / ITVX)

This Morning fans in hysterics of Ainsley’s question to Alison Hammond

Meanwhile, Ainsley continued the joke and quipped to Dermot: “Two big fried eggs, you’re a big daddy aren’t you?” The trio couldn’t help but erupt in laughter to follow.

Elsewhere, viewers flocked to social media to share their thoughts about the hilarious moment. One said: “Ainsley Harriett thinking Alison called him daddy is the best thing ever, I’m in stitches.”

Another chimed in: “Ainsley calling Dermot ‘Big Daddy’.”

A third quipped: “Big Daddy lol.”

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