Cat Deeley looking disgusted and a man inset eating raw chicken

This Morning blasted as ‘irresponsible’ as man eats raw chicken live on show and Dr Zoe brands it unsafe

'I don’t know who even thought of having this segment'

ITV’s This Morning found itself at the center of controversy today (June 12) after featuring a segment in which a man consumed raw chicken on live television.

The incident took place on today’s show – much to host Cat Deeley’s visible disgust – and was immediately met with backlash.

This Morning showed a guest eating raw chicken
Viewers were disgusted when a guest started eating raw chicken. (Credit: ITV)

This Morning today: Man details unique diet

Nebraska native Weston Rowe appeared in a segment to talk about his unique diet.

Speaking to hosts Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard over Zoom, Weston explained that his diet consists of raw meat – which reportedly costs him over $9,000 a year. During the interview, Weston consumed a piece of raw chicken, followed by some raw liver.

Viewers immediately took to social media to express their disgust.

Gross, just gross. Please no one think this is a good idea. #thismorning I’d probably eat one tiny bit of uncooked chicken and die,” one viewer wrote.

Another complained that they had to turn off the TV: “I’ve had to turn over, this man eating raw chicken almost made me throw up. It was disgusting. I don’t know who even thought of having this segment. So wrong!”

Irresponsible showing this mad American eating raw chicken. Dr Zoe has explained why it’s not safe, so why on earth have him on in the first place?! #this morning,” a third viewer fumed.

“We really should not be giving this character airtime. Eating raw chicken is absolutely ridiculous and ill-advised. I’m wondering what he’s aiming for with all the carry on,” a fourth blasted the show for inviting him on.

Resident health expert Dr Zoe Williams also appeared during the segment to voice her disapproval.

“I would advise definitely not doing that,” she told viewers. She also explained some diseases and illnesses that could result from eating raw meat.

This Morning
Dr Zoe explained the dangers of eating a raw diet (Credit: ITV)

This Morning Ofcom complaints

Unfortunately for ITV, this isn’t the only controversy the show has faced recently.

The hit ITV talk show was under fire last week after some comments that were made by journalist Nick Ferrari.

During a segment with Dermot O’Leary and Josie Gibson, Nick erupted into a rant about people with nut allergies.

“If you don’t like peanuts, don’t get on the plane either, because I do. I can’t eat them because someone is at the back of the plane is going to drop dead or something, if I have a peanut – I don’t quite know why!” Nick ranted.

Josie and Dermot were visibly shocked by the tirade, with Dermot even covering his face with his script. The next day, Dermot issued an apology to the viewers. However, it clearly wasn’t good enough – as it was reported that the rant led to viewers filing over 600 Ofcom complaints.

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