Reality TV

Reality TV exploded in the UK around the turn of the Millennium with Big Brother on Channel 4… and we’ve been hooked on it ever  since!

Now we’re not claiming we believe everything we see on reality shows is actually real… or possibly even bears that much similarity to reality… but we certainly do love watching and writing about it all.

Think of the worldwide megastars created by the platform of reality TV – it reads like a roll call of the biggest celebrities of the last two decades.

Paris Hilton. Kim Kardashian. Jade Goody. Heidi Montag. Charlotte Crosby. Dani Dyer. Snooki. Gemma Collins. Spencer Matthews. And Arg, too, we suppose. If we must.

Now that list of names, that is pure entertainment right there.

And there are just so many different formats – from documentary-style soaps to structured hidden camera shows and dating shows – we couldn’t possibly ever pick a favourite style.

But we can pick out some of our most favourite reality shows. They include Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother (of course), Love Island, TOWIE, Made in Chelsea and Celebs Go Dating.

And we cover them all to the max on Entertainment Daily!. Now that’s certainly keeping it real.

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