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Investigator doubts Madeleine McCann suspect’s guilt ahead of new documentary

It's been 15 years since Madeleine disappeared

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An investigator has made a shocking claim about Madeleine McCann suspect Christian Brueckner, just days ahead of the debut of a new documentary about her disappearance.

Mark Williams-Thomas, the man who exposed Jimmy Savile, has claimed that Brueckner will get away with it – as he believes that the German is innocent.

Christian Brueckner, the man accused of being behind Madeleine MCann's disappearance
Brueckner is a prime suspect (Credit: 7News Australia / YouTube)

Madeleine McCann disappearance

Just days before a new documentary about Brueckner airs on Channel 5, an investigator has claimed that he doesn’t believe the German was involved in Madeleine’s disappearance.

The investigator behind the claim is Mark Williams-Thomas.

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Portuguese authorities reportedly made Brueckner an official suspect in the case last month, shortly before the 15th anniversary of Maddie’s disappearance.

However, Williams-Thomas believes they’ve got it wrong. He argues that authorities have failed to gather any evidence and have ignored Brueckner’s alibi.

If Brueckner isn’t the culprit, Williams-Thomas believes we’ll never know who really abducted Madeleine.

Madeleine McCann disappearance
Maddie has been missing for 15 years now (Credit: BBC)

Christian Brueckner latest

Williams-Thomas spoke to the Daily Star about what he believes happened to the tot back in 2007.

“In Portugal after 15 years any serious crime including murder can’t be prosecuted,” he said.

“Christian Brueckner was made an arguido to get around this. I believe he is innocent.”

He then continued, saying that in Portugal, Madeleine’s killer is “in the clear”.

Williams-Thomas then went on to say that his own investigation set out to prove Brueckner was guilty.

However, it ended up “clearing him”.

Additionally, they discovered that Brueckner had an alibi.

Mark Williams-Thomas
Mark Williams-Thomas believes Brueckner is innocent (Credit: ITV)

Mark Williams-Thomas on Brueckner

He then went on to say that when he broke the news to German authorities, they ignored him.

He also said that the German prosecutor who believes Brueckner is guilty is living in a “parallel universe”.

Mark said that no matter how “nasty and horrible” someone is, evidence is needed to prosecute.

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“I am no fan of Christian Brueckner. He has committed some horrific offences. But that doesn’t make him the killer of Madeleine McCann unless there is evidence to support that. And there isn’t,” he said.

Brueckner is currently serving a seven-year prison sentence in Germany for rape.

He is also a convicted paedophile.

However, Brueckner has always maintained that he had nothing to do with Maddie’s disappearance.

Madeleine McCann: The Case Against Christian B airs tomorrow (Wednesday, May 11) on Channel 5 and My5 at 9pm.

Christian Bruckner named as 'prime suspect' of Madeleine McCann mystery | 7NEWS

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