Belarusian maths teacher Oksana Neveselaya becomes viral sensation

The sexy blonde has gone viral!

Well isn’t this a reason to do your maths homework?!

We bet Oksana Neveselaya’s students are never ever late for her classes!

The pretty blonde maths teacher from Minsk, Belarus, has gone viral after a student shared a video dubbed ‘the world’s hottest maths teacher’.


Since becoming a YouTube sensation, Oksana has had thousands of people start following her on Instagram. She now has 258,000 fans!

The short clip, which is just 45 second long, shows her in a tight sleeveless grey dress and sandals, and her long blonde hair is worn in loose waves.

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Looking like a model, the teacher is seen addressing the class before turning back to the whiteboard to write out what looks like equations.

Oksana hasn’t commented on the frenzy surrounded her YouTube debut but we’re sure she knows people fancy her is her Instagram account is anything to go by!

The sexy blonde is currently enjoying a spa break in Maylasia and has been inundated with offers of dates from local men.

One user said: “Can you teach me calculus?😊”

The viral sensation uploaded a snap by the pool and a user jokingly commented: “Look at the size of that pool!”

It is unlikely however that she is single.

According to her Facebook page, she may be taken as she’s pictured grinning with a massive bouquet of flowers.

She captioned the pic: “Distance means so little when someone means so much.”

She has also updated her status to say a huge thank you all her new followers.

If any of our teachers resembled her, there would definitely NOT have been any truancy from us!

2+2= PHWOAR.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor