Coronation Street: Steve McDonald to discover he has a DEVASTATING medical condition

Genetic disorder could affect BOTH his unborn babies...

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Life just keeps beating poor Steve McDonald down. After battling a terrible bout of depression in 2014/15, the Rovers landlord is set to receive a shocking medical diagnosis that could change his life forever – in all senses!

The affable Coronation Street resident will be told by jailbird dad Jim (so it is!) that he might have myotonic dystrophy, a genetic disorder.

Naturally, as it is a genetic condition, this means that it could pass down the line to Steve’s kids. So, Steve will face the agony of whether to tell Michelle that their unborn baby could be at risk.

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Not only that, but the condition could equally affect the unborn baby he has secretly fathered with Leanne. Could this be the thing to force her to come clean about the true paternity?

An insider revealed to The Sun: “Steve’s life was thrown into complete chaos when he discovered he had impregnated his missus – and a woman who isn’t his missus.

“And viewers will soon see Steve suffer even further when he is told he could have myotonic dystrophy – a disorder which could ultimately be life-threatening.

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“Obviously the impact of the disorder on him would be huge if he has it but as it’s genetic both his babies with Michelle and Leanne could have it too.”

Still, every Corrie plot has a silver lining. This story could signal the reappearance of Charlie Lawson, who plays Jim McDonald (so he does).

However, the bank robber’s not set to be released from prison before 2018, so we’ll still have a wait.

Kaggie Hyland