Emmerdale’s Jonathan Wrather worries his nasty role might haunt him

The handsome actor admits it is a concern people will always remember as the Emmerdale attacker

Every actor worth his salt is crying out for a role that will give them something to sink their teeth into.

Yeah, it’s all well and good playing a nice guy, but who remembers them at the 50th anniversary celebrations of a soap?

Exactly, just the actor.

Yes, everyone wants to pay the villain or the bad guy.

But sometimes, playing a REALLY bad guy might work against you.

Or so Emmerdale star Jonathan Wrather thinks.

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Fans of the show will know that his character Pierce raped Rhona Goskirk on her wedding day and appeared to get off Scott free last week when he lied to the police.

But he reckons that playing such a vile character could become something of a millstone for him.

However he says that he is still excited about pushing the boundaries with the character and is keen that Pierce gets his comeuppance at some point.

“Soap is on every day and you’re in people’s front rooms every day so you become notorious, so it could become a millstone or it could be a boon.

“But an actor shouldn’t really shy away from challenges like this.

“If you’re not prepared to do it, you should probably hand your Equity card back.”

However in spite of the darkness of his character, he says he has been pleased with the reactions he’s had so far from viewers.

“The response has been positive with regard to how it’s been portrayed but also what a good thing it is to put out there,” he said.

“It wasn’t like a story that was a flash in the pan and sensational, it has been building and building, and it’s been invested in by the writers and producers.”

However Jonathan has revealed that Pierce will get his just desserts at some point.

“In a show like this, this kind of character has to be seen to have their comeuppance,” he said, reassuring fans that justice will be done one way or another.

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“I think there’s scope to do some interesting things with the story which are consistent with case studies with some of the research we’ve had…

“Does he go down for it? Does he get away with it? What happens after that? Can he exist? Be involved in another relationship?

“All those kinds of things, and they are all questions that are up in the air.”

Well, to have all those questions answered, we’re just going to have to keep tuning into the show.

Christian Guiltenane
Freelance Writer