Strictly EXCLUSIVE: Anastacia opens up about her cancer scar worries

The US singer says she is worried about showing her scars on the show

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She’s had a tough few years suffering with Crohns and overcoming breast cancer, but now singer Anastacia says that nothing scares her anymore and can’t wait to get her cha-cha-cha on for Strictly.

The singer, who had hits with All Outta Love, says that for years she had been hesitant about doing the show because she thought she might not give it her all.

“I don’t know that I was ready for it prior to the mastectomy,” she confided in Entertainment Daily this week.

“I was insecure to do the show and fail and not be as good as I want to be.

“I think that once you go through a life-altering situation, where part of your natural female situation has changed, it sort of brings you down to earth.

“You go, ‘I’ve removed a body part. What more is there to be nervous and scared about?'”

Speaking at the launch of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, Anastacia revealed that following her surgery she was left two scars on her back and admitted that she’s a bit nervous about exposing them in any of the revealing gowns she might be asked to wear during the series.

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“With my radical mastectomy I had to remove my lats completely from the bone and attach them to the front so when I move my back this [the front] moves.

“So the costumes… I want them to feel comfortable but also I have these huge scars on my back and the costumes are very revealing and they are going to work with me to hide them or make them less visible.”

In spite of her initial reluctance to show off her scars, she admits that she is slowly coming around to the idea that there is nothing to be worried about.

“I have said I’m open to it, if I feel like I’ve grown and gone past the mountain of whatever, I would love to be able to accomplish that and at least to have realised that I can show them.”

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Her battle with breast cancer has left such a mark on her life that she also revealed that she has decided to give her fee to a Breast Cancer charity!

What a nice woman, eh?

Christian Guiltenane
Freelance Writer