Strictly EXCLUSIVE: Danny Mac reveals SHOCKING reason why he kept turning down the show

You won’t believe why the handsome actor kept saying no

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Acting star Danny Mac has sensationally revealed why he has turned down the opportunity to appear on Strictly Come Dancing before.

Speaking ahead of the show launch, he told Entertainment Daily that he has massive insecurities.

This, coming from the man who spends most of his time in Hollyoaks walking around without a shirt on or stripping off for those steamy calendar shoots!

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But the seemingly confident fella says that he doesn’t like to give too much of himself away to the public.

“I am so terrified of being myself on telly,” the dashing hunk told us.

“I didn’t become an actor to be me.

“As a result, it took me years to agree to do this show because people will see me as Danny, not me as a character.

“And that is scary.”

Danny continued: “But then when I did agree to the show, I finally embraced it and embraced the costumes as well.

“And I said to myself I am going to embrace the whole experience and have a lot of fun.”

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He also admitted that when the wardrobe asked him if there was anything he didn’t want to wear and he told them he’d whatever they put him.

“And it turns out that I’ll be wearing everything that no one else wants to wear!”

Well, as long as that means no shirt, than we’re super happy with that!

Whereas Danny may be a little nervous about letting himself go on the dancefloor, Judge Rinder is coming out all guns blazing!

The acidic daytime TV judge left Entertainment Daily winded when he expressed an uncharacteristically thoughtful side but he still had a bit of bite when speaking about Craig Revel Horwood.

When asked why he was so keen to agree to appear on the show, he admitted that with the world in the unhappy state it is at the moment we all need a show like Strictly Come Dancing to keep us smiling.

“There are some terrible things going on in the world and Strictly offers people some escapism in the most beautiful way,” Rinder – real name Robert – told us.

“I had been asked before and I thought this was the year. I also have family members who love this show. My grandmother absolutely loves this programme.

“For a lot of people, whatever negativity there is in the week, this is one of the few programmes that the entire family of every generation can share in. It’s a big deal especially for my grandmother.”

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He added: “l hope my gran can make it down come to the studio to see me – she hasn’t smiled since 1973, so we’re quite excited.”

But just in case you think Rinder has gone too nice, he saved his acid tongue for fellow Panto villain, Craig Revel Horwood.

Asked if he’s excited about a clash, he seethed sarcastically: “I am sure Craig and I will get on brilliantly.

“He’s very similar to me; thoughtful honest, clever and modest. And we have a good eye. I’m sure we will get on brilliantly.

“I won’t need to answer back to him if he considers my dancing to be brilliant. We’d have no reason to cross swords at any point whatsoever.”

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Saving his most barbed comment until last, a surprisingly muscular Rinder stabbed: “My only concern is I don’t want him to frown. I don’t think he should frown. Not at his age. And not with all that work.”

Ouch! We can’t wait to see these fellas go head to head over the next few weeks.

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