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Drivers warned over ‘creepy’ AI speed cameras as it’s branded ‘step too far’

The first one is currently operating in London

New AI speed cameras will be able to “spy inside your car”, drivers have been warned.

The world’s first AI cameras have been set up in the UK – and they’re so much more advanced than speed cameras of old.

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New AI speed cameras are being introduced (Credit: Pixabay)

Drivers warned over new AI speed cameras

New AI speed cameras are set to be introduced in Britain, it has been reported. The new cameras have a 4D radar. Their “super-resolution” cameras are able to spot motorists on their mobile phones or without seatbelts.

The new cameras can also detect if there are too many people inside the vehicle.

As well as catching cars that are speeding and running red lights, the cameras can also be linked to police and DVLA databases to check tax and insurance on the spot.

White car on the motorway
The new camera will be able to scan inside cars (Credit: Pexels)

New AI speed cameras

The new AI speed cameras will also be able to monitor six lanes of traffic at one time. They also run on solar power too and will have enough energy to work overnight.

Critics have branded the new cameras “Big Brother’s cash machine”. Brian Gregory of the Alliance of British Drivers has hit out at the new cameras.

“It’s clear that the hollow assurances the motoring public was given about speed cameras being used exclusively to prevent accidents was always a total sham. The objective is actually to maximise their revenue-generating potential,” he told The Sun.

The first camera has been set up on the busy A24 in Lambeth, South London. It has been installed as part of a Transport for London trial before the Home Office can approve it.

Cars on the road in London
The first camera has been set up in London (Credit: Pixabay)

New cameras branded ‘Big Brother’s cash machine’

Lawyer Nick Freeman also shared his opinion on the cameras. “As drivers we are all becoming sitting ducks. This could just be a step too far. It could help alleviate the lack of police on our roads. But we will always be missing something when we don’t have that human element,” he said.

However, Jake Hurfurt, head of Big Brother Watch, isn’t a fan of the cameras either.

“This kind of intrusive and creepy surveillance which treats every passer-by as a potential suspect is excessive and normalising. It poses a threat to everyone’s privacy. People should be free to go about their lives without being analysed by faceless AI system,” he then said.

However, last night, TFL insisted that the AI element of the camera isn’t currently in operation.

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