Alexis Arquette died from AIDS complications

Friend reveals the transgender activist was living as a man prior to his death and suffering from AIDS

Alexis Arquette died from AIDS complications and was living as a man again it has been revealed.

The transgender activist died in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Arquette’s ex-boyfriend Robert Dupont, told Radar Online the 47-year-old had multiple ailments that caused his death, including AIDS.

‘Alexis was living with AIDS and he had an inoperable tumor and he had developed an infection. I was told that went to his liver and throughout his body,’ Dupont said.

Dupont and Arquette dated for several years in the 1990s.

He confirmed Arquette was put in an ‘induced coma’ before his death.

He said: ‘He was working as an artist and living in an Actors Fund home in West Hollywood for people with HIV and AIDS. He hated it.

‘People kept breaking into his apartment and they did alcohol and drugs. Alexis hated that.

‘He never did drugs and he didn’t drink,’

Dupont said Arquette’s famous family had offered to let the activist live with them but that he wanted to be independent.

In tribute to his lost love, Dupont and brother Richard shared photos of Arquette living as a man prior to his death.

Dupont posted a snap of Arquette wearing a blue Hawaiian Punch shirt, aviator sunglasses and a yellow flower in his short blonde hair.

The candid picture was captioned: ‘Love you Alexis. RIP My Shinning Star.’

Radar Online said the image is the last photo taken of Arquette.

‘My twin brother Richard and I had lunch with him in Santa Monica less than a month ago,’ Dupont told the site.

‘Alexis had changed over and was living as a man again and he asked me if I had any clothes I didn’t want that he could wear. I had only a few things I had with me as I was visiting from Palm Springs.’

Dupont said he made a box of clothing for him but didn’t get to send it before Arquette died.

Actress Courteney Cox, 52, also shared a tribute for her former sister-in-law Alexis Arquette.

The Friends star posted her message to Twitter on Sunday. ‘My heart goes out to anyone who was lucky enough to know Alexis. We will love and miss you forever,’ wrote the star.

The 52-year-old actress was married to Alexis’ brother David from 1999 until 2013.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor