Amanda Holden’s in trouble for spilling the beans about her private life

Her husband is not happy with her being so free with information

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Amanda Holden says she’s been put on the naughty step by her husband Chris Hughes for revealing too much about their family life.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge says she struggles to keep schtum in front of the press when she’s asked about bringing up her two daughters, Hollie and Alexa.

And one look at her Twitter feed will show you why her private other half might be getting peeved.

Only last week, Holden posted pictures of her daughter, wailing: “First day of school!! Mama is a mess!”

Holden admitted getting her wrists slapped at the UKTV Live launch event to promote her new television show I’ve Got Something To Tell You.

“Much to my poor husband’s dismay, I confess everything to some newspaper or other every week by accident or on Twitter, because I am chatty I have no more secrets because of social media and life in general,” she told the Daily Express.

“I wear my heart on my sleeve and most people know everything about me.

“Obviously, there are things that are still personal that I wouldn’t broadcast but mostly this is it.”

Asked if she ever regrets things she’s said, she squealed: “Oh God! All the time! Every week. Every week when I sit on the naughty step because Chris puts me there.”

Last month, the glam 45-year-old got pulses racing after posting a topless pic of herself by the pool on holiday.

Her back was turned of course, so there wasn’t much to see apart from her bottom but still!

She’s never more revealing than when she is discussing her kids.

Earlier this year she admitted: “I’m as guilty as the next parent of letting Lexi and Hollie play on an iPad when I need five minutes’ peace.”

Get on that naughty step Amanda! Wonder if she has her own scented candles and champagne cooler there just to make it feel like home?

The mind boggles as to how long she had to sit there for the time she joked her husband was less important than the family goldfish!

She let that little nugget slip when she spoke to The Mirror: “We’re both so busy,” she said

“It’s about trying to carve out a bit of time for us – we have to explain to the girls that they must go to bed and let us have time alone, which is hard.

“My poor husband – he’s so far down the list. He’s prioritised after the pet fish.”

We think that naughty step must be pretty busy, Amanda. Just don’t post any topless pics while you’re on it.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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