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Amanda Owen reveals devastating death of ‘faithful friend’ as fans rally round

The Yorkshire Shepherdesses' faithful companion has gone

Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen has been left heartbroken after the death of her dog, Kate.

She revealed the news to her followers on social media after discovering the sheepdog had died in her sleep.

Amanda Owen loses her beloved dog

Sharing a series of images of Kate on Instgram and Twitter, Amanda wrote: “Then there’s the other kind of mourning.

“Where you go to get your faithful workmate, companion, colleague and friend from her kennel. Only to find that she has passed away in her sleep.

“Kate…that’ll do,” she said alongside a crying emoji.

Fans rushed to offer their sympathy and support.

Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen
Amanda’s fans were quick to offer their support (Credit: Channel 5)

Fans support Amanda Owen

Many opened up about their heartbreak over losing their own pets and thanked Amanda for sharing the bond she had with Kate.

“So sorry for your loss Amanda. We can’t begin to imagine how devastated you must be. RIP Kate,” said one.

“So very sorry for your loss Amanda. I know that awful feeling only too well, you expect them to be awake but then you realise their presence is no longer there. Bless her, beautiful Kate,” said someone else.

A third said: “Thank you for sharing your incredible bond with her, it was such a joy to see her work and her love for you all. I’m so sorry to hear of her passing. Rest easy, Kate.”

Another wrote some beautiful words of condolence that touched many of Amanda’s followers too.

“Oh so so sad but a beautiful way for a dearly loved dog to go.

“Fast asleep.

“And she knew how much you loved her. Lie her on the heather moor where she can hear the sheep bleat around her and the skylarks sing. Wrap her in something of yours and mark her special place.

“Dog of your heart. Her work done. All is well.”

Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen
Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen was recently dealt a blow (Credit: Channel 5)

A tough time

It’s been a tough few weeks for Amanda after her ex-husband Clive landed himself a new TV show.

Clive and Amanda announced their split back in June after 22 years of marriage.

It was reported last month that Channel 5 has decided to back Clive, offering him a new TV show.

Following the news, Amanda broke her social media silence as she shared some farm pictures.

“Another day, more [bleep] to deal with,” she tweeted alongside pictures of herself working on the farm. “Good job it goes with the territory.”

Her fans rallied round to show their support once again.

“Everyone who really knows your family knows the real story anyway,” said one fan.

A second replied: “Try to ignore the press. You and your lovely family know the real story.”

Our Yorkshire Farm spin off

Channel 5 announced its Our Yorkshire Farm spin-off last month.

Our Yorkshire Farm: Clive and Reuben will focus on Clive and the ex-couple’s eldest son, Reuben, and will see them launch a digging business together.

The show, which will begin airing on December 6, will chart Clive and Reuben’s first year in business.

Daniel Pearl, Channel 5’s factual boss spoke to the Mirror and insisted Amanda was still in the channel’s future plans.

“We remain absolutely committed to the whole wonderful Owen family and hope to announce new projects with Amanda very soon.”

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Our Yorkshire Farm: Clive and Reuben will begin airing on December 6 on Channel 5 and My5. 

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