Angelina Jolie set sights on becoming the next Princess Diana

She even wanted to marry a royal!

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A biographer who wrote the ‘untold story’ of Brangelina has claimed that the couple split because Brad Pitt was scuppering Angelina Jolie’s chances of becoming the next Princess Diana.

She apparently wanted to pursue a life in politics and move to the UK to be like the ‘people’s princess’.

Ian Halperin, author of Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, has alleged that Ange wanted to take up permanent residence in Surrey, while urging Brad to stay in the US to further his movie career.

It was this ultimatum that was the basis of the infamous plane incident, which saw Los Angeles Police Department speak to the pair about their antics.

Ian said that Angelina had studied the late Princess Diana’s work on behalf of AIDS victims and the charities involved with landmines.

Ange has worked as a United Nations Special Envoy for Refugees, since becoming more involved with humanitarian issues.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Ian also believed that Angelina was obsessed with becoming a member of the House of Lords as a platform for her work.

He alleges that she would even give up her American citizenship to ensure that this happened.

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His allegations then take a turn for the surreal, as he suggests that Ange was homing in on Prince Andrew, so that she could become a fully fledged royal.

Ian goes on to say that it was when Brad stood in the way of this, she went in to a rage and consulted lawyers about how to end the marriage.

He claims that Brad is “crushed and devastated” by the divorce, despite their marriage being “dead in the water for the best part of a year”.

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Ian says that Angelina had even wanted an open marriage.

It seems fair to say that the couple were not exactly singing from the same hymn sheet.

Ange has now moved to Malibu and rented a property there for a cool £73,000 per month and has put her Princess Diana plans on hold… for now.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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