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Atomic Kitten star Natasha Hamilton is planning her comeback with first solo album

She's also released her first Christmas single

Atomic Kitten star Natasha Hamilton has exclusively revealed that she’s making a comeback as a solo star.

Speaking to Entertainment Daily about the launch of her first Christmas single with Tom Seals – I Can’t Wait To Spend Christmas With You – Natasha revealed that a full solo album is also on the cards.

She also teased a role in a TV pilot that Tom is busy working on.

Natasha Hamilton wearing a coat and carrying coffee
Natasha shot to fame in Atomic Kitten and she’s now planning a solo comeback (Credit: Splash News)

Atomic Kitten star Natasha making a solo comeback

Natasha revealed: “Next year’s looking quite exciting.

“At the end of lockdown, I was approached by my new music manager to do new music, so it’s going to be my first solo project ever.”

Asked what fans can expect from the album, Natasha revealed it’ll be pretty different from the bubblegum pop we’re used to her singing with her Atomic Kitten bandmates.

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She said the album will be a mix of “jazz, blues, funk, soul. All the elements of music that I grew up listening to.”

So is she nervous about going solo and how it’ll be received?

“I don’t really get nervous but I’m so used to having the girls and all of a sudden it’s just me. It’s almost like, oh that responsibly. No pressure! It’s all down to me and it just can’t be rubbish,” she laughed.

Natasha said the solo album is “long overdue”.

“I’ve always wanted to do my own project working with someone who gets my voice and appreciates the music that I love.

“In a pop band you have to gel. But there’s so much more creative freedom doing what I’m doing now which is fun.”

Natasha Hamilton recording her Christmas single
Natasha has recorded a Christmas single with Tom Seals (Credit: Supplied)

A TV role with her Christmas single partner?

Another fun thing that might be on the cards is a part in Tom’s new TV pilot.

It came about after his online series that was recorded in isolation during lockdown.

In a pop band you have to gel. But there’s so much more creative freedom doing what I’m doing now which is fun.

He told ED!: “I was working on a pilot for a TV show back in March that Natasha was going to be involved in and that didn’t happen so we took it online and did it in isolation series.

“The exciting thing off the back of all that is we’ve actually been offered a real pilot for a real TV show.”

So will Natasha be in it?

“I haven’t asked her yet,” he said.

Laughing, Natasha chipped in: “Yes, the important word to highlight is yes!”

Wedding bells for Natasha

The flame haired singer has also said “yes” to her fiancé Charles Gay, but she won’t be drawn on their wedding plans.

“I’m not going to talk about that. All’s good though. All is well,” she confirmed.

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Natasha also revealed that Christmas will be a “chilled one at home with the kids” after what’s been a tough year for many.

Natasha is mum to Josh, 18, Harry, 15, Alfie, 10, and Ella, six.

“For the past five years I’ve done panto, which means for the whole of December I’m doing two or three shows a day, limited time with the children.

“But it’s a good time of year for people in the industry to work so it’s not like usually you can say no, I don’t want to do that,” she said.

“It comes in handy, especially for the tax bill,” she said, adding: “Although the tax man won’t be getting too much this year.”

Natasha Hamilton with Liz McClarnon
Natasha and Liz McClarnon are close friends but she admits she doesn’t speak to Kerry Katona any more (Credit: Splash News)

No love lost with Atomic Kitten bandmate Kerry Katona

Natasha is due to perform with Tom at the Dubai Opera House later this week.

And, after her gigs with her Atomic Kitten bandmate Liz McClarnon were cancelled due to COVID, it’ll only be her fourth live gig this year.

She said: “This will be my fourth concert all year so it’s been a tricky one. Lots of hustling and navigating new ways of bringing money in. But I feel like I’ve learnt a lot about myself.”

Speaking about her former Atomic Kitten bandmates, it doesn’t appear as if an original line-up reunion is on the cards any time soon.

There’s no love lost between Natasha and Kerry Katona and, when we ask if they speak these days, Natasha told us: “No.”

She does regularly reunite with Liz and Jenny Frost, though.

“Myself, Liz and Jenny will catch up maybe twice a year on FaceTime to see what we’ve all been getting up to.

“Liz is one of my biggest supporters. Everything I’ve ever done in my life she’s been there. We’re very close.”


Natasha’s first-ever Christmas single, I Can’t Wait To Spend Christmas With You, with Tom Seals, is out now. 

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