Aw! Jade Goody’s son shares adorable message to dad Jeff Brazier

His sons are really growing up...

Jade Goody’s son Freddie started his first day at senior school yesterday, and had some wise words for her father Jeff Brazier.

The 11-year-old opened up about his thoughts on ‘big school’ to his father the night before, as he was being tucked into bed, making sure he reassured him.

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Taking to Twitter, Jeff tweeted: “Fred – ‘I don’t need to be scared because I look smart & can just be myself’ as he said goodnight ahead of his first day in senior school.”

How cute is that?!

He then later posted: “So now both are in senior school, the beauty of having a kids football team, Fred has some older boys to walk him in & show him where to go.”

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His 490,000 followers were loving Jeff’s updates, with one responding: “all the best Fred! Remember you also have a beautiful guardian Angel by your side and your fabulous Father xx”

Another wrote: “Amazing! Well done. I’m sure Jade would be bursting with price. Good luck Fred X”

“Wonderful. You have a top kid there. Fingers crossed for him and his friend x”, said a third.

The former Shipwrecked star then tweeted: “Before I can ask Fred about his first day he comes over & says ‘it’s ok Dad you can drive home now, I’m walking home with my mates’ #Perfect”

Jeff, 37, has done his best to keep his sons out of the spotlight for many years, but he has begun to share pics of the kids on social media.

Speaking previously about growing up, the TV presenter and life-coach said: “They understand fame well enough to know that I made them un-famous! It was quite amusing when Bobby first said that.

“It’s hard for them to quantify the immeasurable difference me keeping them in the magazines and on the TV over the last eight years would have had on their sense of reality and their ability to come to terms with their loss.”

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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