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Baby P’s mum ‘becomes friends with woman who smothered three-year-old daughter’ after prison release

Connelly was released last year

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The mum of Baby P has reportedly befriended a woman who was convicted of killing her daughter, nine months on from her prison release on parole.

Tracey Connelly received an indefinite term with a minimum of five years in 2009 for causing or allowing the death of her 17-month-old son in 2007.

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Baby P died in 2007  (Credit: Photo by Shutterstock)

What happened to the mother of Baby P after his death?

Back in 2007, Peter Connelly – aka Baby P – died after suffering months of abuse at the hands of his mother, his stepdad, and his stepfather’s brother.

Peter suffered 50 injuries at their hands. He received 60 visits from social workers, police officers, and health professionals in the eight months leading to his death.

Tracey and Helen are mates… they’re always talking to each other.

He was then found dead in his cot in August 2007.

In 2009, a court found Peter’s mother, Tracey, guilty of causing or allowing the death of her son.

She received an indefinite term with a minimum of five years.

Connelly was released on licence in 2013, but returned to prison in 2015 for breaching her parole.

However, in July 2022, she received parole.

Mum of Baby P in police mugshot
Connelly has reportedly befriended Helen Caudwell (Credit: Photo by Shutterstock)

Mother of Baby P befriends child killer

Now, reports claim that Connelly has made friends in her halfway house.

Connelly has reportedly befriended Helen Caudwell. In 2010, a court found Caudwell guilty of murdering her daughter.

She allegedly used a Piglet pyjama case to smother her three-year-old daughter, Bethany, in 2009. She received a life sentence, with a minimum of eight years.

However, Caudwell is currently out on licence.

Connelly and Caudwell’s friendship

Staff at the halfway house have reportedly told fellow residents to “be nice” to Connelly.

A source spoke to the Daily Mirror about Caudwell and Connelly’s friendship.

“Tracey and Helen are mates… they’re always talking to each other,” they said.

“Tracey very rarely leaves the building. A couple of girls have been warned not to bully her. They’re told not to judge each other’s crimes,” they then continued.

“They hate what she did but they just have to live with it,” they then added.

Additionally, they then claimed that Connelly mainly just “lounges around” in the house.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman told the Mirror: “We do not comment on ‘individuals.”

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