Pointless producers rushed episode to contestant so she could watch before dying of cancer

Lucy's final wish was fulfilled...

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A gameshow contestant suffering with cancer was devastated when her appearance on Pointless was postponed.

But thanks to the kindness of producers and a determined friend of the family, Lucy Booth was able to see it before she passed away.

TV executives sped up the process and managed to make a special DVD of the episode for Lucy – who teamed up with her mum Jackie on the show – and got it to her a fortnight before cancer claimed her life.

Lucy was sent a copy of the episode

Lucy, 38, and her mum watched the daytime quiz together in the hospice.

This week, viewers saw the pair almost win the show before being eliminated in the Head-to-Head round, and as the credits rolled a tribute to Lucy’s memory appeared.

Now, friends of Lucy have paid tribute to her bravery and thanked the production company who make Pointless for fulfilling her last wish.

She appeared on the quiz show with her mum Jackie

Lucy and her mum recorded two episodes of the quiz, hosted by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, last year and both had been due for broadcast this summer, but it was pushed back a week.

When family friend Sue Winter found out, she quickly wrote to Alexander, appealing for help, as she knew time was not on Lucy’s side.

Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman on Pointless
A family friend wrote to Alexander

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She wrote: “I beg you from the bottom of my heart, Lucy is amazing and is fighting as hard as she can but her options are dwindling fast.

“Lucy has really not let it take over her life. Last year when she and her mum went to London to film the show they had a wonderful experience.

“I’m afraid that the cancer is now fighting back with extra ground troops deployed throughout Lucy’s body. She is now very poorly.

“Please Alexander can you make some calls and have the Booth girls episode shown much sooner than that so Lucy will be able to watch it?”

Lucy died two weeks before the episode was aired

After Sue reached out, producers acted swiftly, sending Lucy the video so she could watch the show.

Sue explained: “Lucy did get to watch it. I contacted the production company and the production manager Tara Ali.

“Once I’d told her the situation she sent a video link direct to Lucy and her mum while she was in the hospice.

“They also sent a DVD to Jackie so the family have it forever.

“Endemol Productions came through, they and Tara were brilliant and Lucy and Jackie watched it together two weeks before she passed away.”

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Lucy with mum Jackie

Lucy, who worked as a production manager making TV commercials, died on August 9th with her mum and dad Alan by her bedside.

Lucy’s sister Analie said: “She was brave, an inspiration to us all and so much fun.”

God bless you, Lucy.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor