Biggest Loser coach Jen Widerstrom proves just how deceptive social media can be

Fitness trainer shows fat rolls by changing her camera angle 

The Biggest Loser star Jen Widerstrom has proven just how deceptive social media body-con photographs can be.

The personal trainer, who is a coach on the hit show, shared two photos of herself on Instagram.

One was taken from a unflattering low angle and the other mirror selfie showcased her toned figure.

Taken two minutes apart with no editing, the 34-year-old shared them to urge people not to ‘stress’ about their bodies.

She wrote: ‘Oh oh it’s magic, you know.

‘We all look like this when we sit.

‘Don’t stress about the way your body looks in certain positions.

‘These photos were taken two minutes apart! #noedits.’

The contrasting pictures of the fitness star, who has 190,000 followers on Instagram, generated a huge amount of attention online.

Her original post has been liked by over 21,000 users and attracted hundreds of comments from people who have been comforted by her honesty.

Jen o’Connell wrote ‘Hallelujah for jenwiderstrom spreading truth!’

Another fan Catherine Rutherford wrote: ‘I love this. Hopefully young impressionable girls will see this reality. Well done.’

Jaimee, from Miami, added: ‘Yes and I love you for being so real.’


Nancy Brown
Associate Editor