Biggins accuses CBB bosses of ‘wanting him out from the beginning’ and wants to have it out with Katie Waissel

Showbiz legend claims the reality show was FIXED

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Since being booted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house, Christopher Biggins took himself out of the limelight.

The 67-year-old had cracked a Holocaust ‘joke’ that Katie Waissel found offensive on the Channel 5 reality show and had been promtly removed from the show.

At the world premiere of Bridget Jones’s Baby at London’s Odeon Leicester Square, Biggins was back.

He wasted no time in condemning the Big Brother bosses for his treatment.

Speaking to The Mirror, Biggins claimed that the show had been ‘fixed’ in favour of the younger celebrities.

He said: “Everyone has said it. They wanted Bear or Marnie to win. And look what happened.

“I’ve had nothing but positive comments on Twitter since I left the house.

“I feel bosses wanted me out from the beginning.”

He also claimed that show producers reneged on a deal to pay him half of his fee after he was removed.

Biggins had been given a formal warning in the Big Brother diary room for comments about bisexuality that he had made.

It was the final straw though when he made an anti-Semitic remark to Katie.

At the time, Katie said that it had all been forgotten and couldn’t understand why such an extreme punishment had been handed out to Biggins.

Since the series has finished though, Katie has gone on record to say how offended she was by the remark.

Speaking out, Biggins said: “I think she’ll be embarrassed she did that.

“She came out and said she didn’t know anything about it.

“Life is too short, things get blown out of proportion.

“I would sit down with Katie on a sofa and chat to her on TV in about six months.”

Biggins also revealed that he wouldn’t mind a grilling from Piers Morgan: “Well, that would be interesting!”

He may be putting a smile on for the cameras but it seems that it has been a difficult time for the panto star.

A source told The Mirror: “It’s been a huge strain on him. He was so shocked when he saw Katie’s story.

“He had already apologised to her face to face.

“He thought it was done and dusted. He knows there is no point speaking to her at the moment, but he would like to clear the air at some point.”

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor