Brad Pitt admits to booze and weed habit and insists Angelina is the ‘crazy’ one

The Hollywood star hits back as battle for custody of kids begins

The bun fight has begun in the Brangelina divorce.

The PR teams of both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are squaring up to each other as insults have begun to be traded.

So far, Brad seems to be having the most mud slung at him but it seems that he has come out fighting.

There have been allegations that Brad would slump in to alcohol and drug daze and that he would have huge arguments with his Hollywood ‘A’ list wife.

Friends of the movie star have said that he is looking to go in to therapy to resolve his issues, but Brad has apparently said that Ange is the one who is “crazy”.

Sources close to Brad have said that he still “totally adored” Angelina and it has been reported that he’s said: “She’s crazy, but I still love her.”

While rumours and accusations of violence and extra marital affairs continue to circle him, Brad is prepared to fight tooth and nail for his six children.

A friend of the couple has spoken out to The Sun about the high profile divorce.

They said: “Brad was desperate for Angelina to give him one more chance.

“He offered to improve and even go into intense therapy. The reality is Brad’s still madly in love with Angelina.

“He adores her and never intentionally tried to hurt her.

“Yes, he did drink and smoke weed. And yes, they did have fights where he’d raise his voice.

“He knows he needs to improve and is trying to make himself a better person for the sake of the children.

“But he’s a very dedicated father, nobody can take that away.”

They continued: “To suggest there was any troubling behaviour that would put his wife or family under threat is ridiculous.

“Angelina has chosen to try to destroy his reputation — it’s a smear campaign.

“She’s acting crazy and Brad knows how crazy she can get.

“That’s why she’s got hardly any female friends in Hollywood.

“But she has a lot of skeletons in her closet so she has to be careful.

“Brad was left shell-shocked. He just wanted positivity and doesn’t want anything negative out there about the woman he loves, the mother of his children.

“But he is fighting back and wants custody of the kids.”

With it looking like it could become a very messy affair, there seems to be some negotiations between lawyers to release a joint statement.

Brad and Ange are worried that this split will adversely affect the kids and want to make this as painless as possible.

Meanwhile, the finger has been pointed at Geyer Kosinski, as the man that has orchestrated a smear campaign against Brad.

He is a long-term adviser to Ange and a source has said: “He disappeared four years ago but she re-hired him.

“He was part of a well-planned effort to damage Brad.

“She insisted on going ahead to the detriment of the family.

“When Angelina brought him back, this is what he was here to manage.”

There is no doubt that drugs and alcohol will be the least of the allegations, as Brangelina is set to become one of the messiest divorces in Hollywood history.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor