Brad Pitt gave drug and alcohol tests to police amid child abuse claims

Police now awaiting results of urine tests

Brad Pitt has submitted drug and alcohol tests to the police amid allegations he abused his teenage son.

TMZ claim the actor supplied the tests to investigators days after he allegedly exploded at son Maddox, 15, onboard the family’s luxury private jet.

The website claim the Thelma and Louise actor was not forced to provide the urine samples, but voluntarily provided them to prove he had nothing to hide.

Sources told TMZ Pitt wanted to clear up any “exaggerations” regarding the incident.

Allegations of Pitt’s drinking broke last week,  just days after the shock news Angelina Jolie had filed for divorce from Pitt after 12 years together and two years of marriage.

But according to Us Weekly cracks in their relationship had been starting to show for some time.

The magazine claims while Pitt, 52, and Jolie, 41, were living together at their huge Hollywood Hills compound, they took to staying in different parts of the 80,000 sq ft estate.

‘Jolie basically had her own wing and he had his,’ a source close to Brad told the publication.

‘They began living these separate lives.’

The insider also revealed that the former couple who share six children, were fighting more and more ahead of the break-up.

‘Their arguments progressively became more frequent,’ the source said.

Pitt allegedly ‘didn’t want to be alone’ and turned to friends while working on his latest movie Allied to discuss his problems.

‘He said he was just worn out and fed up with problems at home,’ an insider claimed.

‘He said they’ve had rocky moments before, but this is the roughest patch they’d ever been through.’

A source close to Jolie alleged that she wasn’t happy with Pitt airing their dirty laundry, telling Us Weekly: ‘She cannot deal with anyone talking about their business.’

Pitt’s recent drug and alcohol tests will not reveal when he had been drinking, but would show if drugs or alcohol were in the star’s system at the time he submitted the samples.

Test results are not yet in.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor