Bradley Walsh exposes SHOCKING Good Morning Britain scam

The Chase presenter left Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid red faced...

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Bradley Walsh left Good Morning Britain hosts red faced as he decided to run wild in the studio.

Not only did he get lost, he also revealed a huge secret that we weren’t supposed to know!

Bradley appeared on the show to discuss The Chase’s 1000th episode, but soon got distracted.

He told viewers to focus on the window placed behind Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard, which shows a view of London and Tower Bridge.

The former Coronation Street star clambered over the famous yellow sofa to get a better look – and had a confession that nobody saw coming.

The window is fake!

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He said: “What I want to get to the bottom of is… what a wonderful view of the Thames that is.

“If you watch carefully, the same bus will come past about four or five times.

“You know why? It’s not real ladies and gentleman. It’s not even a window folks.”

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In shock, Ben attempted to defend the use of a fake window, he explained: “No, no, no. It’s a real shot, when it was shot. It’s just boomeranged, it’s just looped.”

Susanna added: “You wait for ages and then the four buses come along, over and over again.”

Bradley’s shenanigans did not stop there though, as he left everyone hysterical when he couldn’t find the way out of the studio.

Laura Tobin started to present her weather forecast, but the camera quickly cut back to host Kate Garraway being greeted by Brad, as he admitted he didn’t know where he was going.

Ben and Susanna were in hysterics as Brad frantically skipped around the set.

The pair struggled to talk to the camera as they laughed at Bradley causing havoc.

We can’t blame them!

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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