Brave cancer blogger DIES one day before wedding

She battled bravely for two years against a brain tumour

A blogger that documented her battle with terminal brain cancer has died the day before her wedding.

Anna Swabey, 25, was diagnosed at the age of just 23 and given just three years to live.

She launched her blog, Inside My Head, where she wrote about dealing with her particularly aggressive type of brain tumour, which she decided to name Trev.

While bravely going through months of gruelling chemotherapy and radiotherapy, she met her fiance on a dating app.

Anna then moved in with 26-year-old Andrew Bell.

Inside My Head – Timeline | Facebook

In July, Anna was told her tumour had progressed to grade four, and her condition deteriorated rapidly.

She passed away in the early hours of Friday morning, surrounded by her family at her home in County Durham.

The final emotional post on Anna’s blog came on September 10 and was written by her sister Victoria.

She said: “I’ll go back to 27th July when Anna had her last scan. This was 6 weeks after finishing 14 months of chemotherapy.

“With her wedding to Andy coming up we were all hoping for another ‘stable’ scan result to mirror the one we received in January, however this was not to be.

“Anna’s results showed a new growth away from her original tumour site.”

Inside My Head – Timeline | Facebook

She went on to say: “Anna is peaceful in her bed, mostly sleeping.

“We have a few lucid moments with her every now and then and we are so thankful that she is comfortable and relatively pain-free.

“We can all take comfort in the fact that Anna is exactly where she wants to be, surrounded by her close family and friends.”

Back in February 2015, Anna posted her first blog explaining how she would fight the tumour.

Over the months, her blog became an inspiration for many as she In Anna’s inspiring first post on her blog, back in February 2015, she courageously explained how she planned to fight the tumour.

Inside My Head – Timeline | Facebook

“I was always very ambitious, I always wanted to be successful and I was determined I was going to have an amazing career,” she revealed.

“Throughout my life, I have been a perfectionist, never settled for being just average.”

She added later: “I want to defy my prognosis, I WILL live till I am old, I WILL get married and I WILL have children and I WILL have the life I have always dreamt of!

“But, I am by no means naive, and I understand it’s going to be very tough and some compromises will no doubt have to be made.”

Inside My Head – Timeline | Facebook

Anna would chronicle her treatment at Charing Cross hospital in diaries on her blog.

She would also share details of her visits to Westminster – as part of her tireless campaigning.

There, she would debate with MPs about allocating more funds to brain tumour research.

On July 8, Anna spoke of how unwell chemotherapy had left her

She also revealed her fears over the scans she was due to have later that month.

A member of her family wrote on the Facebook page for Inside My Head: “I cannot put into words the heartbreak we all feel, but amongst our sadness, we are so proud of her courage, her spirit and the determination she showed throughout her illness.

“If ever there was a person to show us how to live, it’s Anna Louise Swabey, our beautiful, brave girl.”

Anna had raised almost £65,000 for charity Brain Tumour Research Campaign before her death.

Donations are still flooding in, with it hoped that it will reach her £100,000 target.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor