Breakfast Club actor caught on video allgedly attacking neighbor

Anthony Michael Hall being investigated by police

The Breakfast Club star Anthony Michael Hall has allegedly attacked his neighbor.

Police told TMZ they are investigating the 48-year-old actor after his neighbor was left with a broken wrist and hurt back following the incident.

Sources told the website Hall’s neighbor called 911 claiming the actor had shoved him to the ground, hurting him badly.

The alleged victim told cops the brawl began after he left their condo gate open.

The man claims Hall yelled at him to close the gate.

In the end he came over and slammed it shut himself, but then had a meltdown.

In the video obtained by TMZ on Monday, after the alleged victim falls to the floor, Hall simply storms off and leaves him there.

This isn’t the first incident with Hall and his neighbors.

Back in 2011 condo residents claimed he used to scream obscenities and challenge people to fights in the street.

He was arrested for allegedly terrorizing his condo complex.

People said they often saw the actor getting aggressive outside of his unit.

He was accused at swearing at people who would walk by, flip them off and even tried to squirt people with a hose.

The actor’s biggest hit is 1985’s The Breakfast Club with Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson.

He was also in Weird Science, which came out the same year, and 1984’s Sixteen Candles.

Since 2014 he has been reportedly dating Slovakian born model Lucia Oskerova.

Previously, he was married to Teresa De Saint.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor