Bye haters! Pelted with a lime, told to sit down, Solange Knowles parties on

Don’t mess with Beyoncé’s sister and expect her to stay quiet.

It’s a lesson that Jay Z learned the hard way. Don’t mess with Beyoncé’s sister and expect her to stay quiet.

The 30-year-old singer took to Twitter on Friday night to tell her followers about being told to sit down while dancing at a concert.

And the mum-of-one didn’t hold back, speaking out about race at the same.

Solange was at a Kraftwerk concert in New Orleans with her husband Alan Ferguson, her 11-year-old son Daniel and one of his friends.

The family were having fun and dancing when she claims two other concertgoers told her to sit down.

Solange started telling the story by tweeting: “Let me tell you about why black girls/women are so angry…

“I took my son, his friend, and my husband to see Kraftwerk in New Orleans…

“Was very excited to dance and enjoy a band I love.”

The singer says their group was “4 of about 20 black concertgoers” out of 1,500.

She tweeted: “We walk in, and one of my favorite songs, Machine, is on. I’m excited to tell my son about how hip-hop sampled Kraftwerk.

“We are dancing.”

She goes on to say: “Four older white women yell to me from behind, ‘Sit down now’.

“I tell them I’m dancing at a concert. They yell, ‘u need to sit down now’…

“We are at an ELECTRONIC and DANCE music concert and you are telling…not asking me…to sit down. In front of my child.”

Solange claims the women threw something at her back, which she says her son later “confirmed it was a lime”.

She then tweeted why she was sharing her experience. In what some followers thought was controversial she wrote: “So that maybe someone will understand why many of us don’t feel safe…in many white spaces…

“We don’t ‘bring the drama’… Fix yourself.”

Solange then posted a video of herself smiling and dancing at the concert tweeting, “Bye haters.”

She also wrote that she was not “giving a f**k about you lovely ladies so mad this lil black girl having fun.”

A few hours later Solange posted screen grabs of some of the vile racist tweets that some users sent responding to what she said.

It’s not the first time the Knowles sisters have been criticised for speaking out about race.

Earlier this year Piers Morgan slammed Beyoncé’s visual album Lemonade, accusing her in a Daily Mail article of being “inflammatory, “agitating” and “playing the race card.”

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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